Dreams, Nightmares, and the Great Upheaval

by Tony Linsell

Taken from Issue 7 of Steadfast Magazine
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At one time I wondered if I was the only Englishman who lay awake at night worrying about what is happening to England and the English. But when I mentioned the problem to others I found that most of them were also tormented by the course of events. Each night, all over the country, there are angry and dismayed English men and women trying to understand why they are the target of state sponsored cultural vandalism and why we are allowing it to happen. For how long will the anguish go on before people start to do something about it? I suppose the very fact that we worry marks the start of doing something about it because it means we recognise that there is a serious problem. The next stage is to let our imagination run wild and fantasise about solutions – what can we do about it? We try over and over again to see a way of undoing the damage, and in doing so we become familiar with thoughts and deeds that we instinctively feel are justified and essential to our survival. We rehearse arguments and anticipate actions which are deemed abhorrent by the governing elite. In our minds we explore a world which it would be a crime to write or talk about. Surely doing that sort of thing in bed at night will cause us to join torchlight parades and shine searchlights into the night sky. No, that is a myth. It is perfectly natural to worry about the fate of your nation and to seek ways of defending it.

I too have a dream – a dream where those who have done such great harm to England and the English are arrested and made to answer for their crimes. I see a dejected, scruffy, and unshaven Tony Blair slumped in the dock. His gaunt stare is from time to time interrupted by a fit of blinking as he listens to the long list of charges. The first charge is one of attempted ethnocide, an aim which he nearly accomplished. It was arrogance that led to his downfall and that of his close fellow conspirators, most of whom were Scottish. They heaped upon the English insult after insult and found it hard to believe that their calculated destruction met such weak resistance. The more harm they did the more reckless they became. Appeasement only encouraged them. They gave Scotland a parliament but denied one to England. They did not stop the English becoming a minority in city after city and town after town. Instead they revelled in it and told us how lucky we were. Curiously they did not make it necessary for their countrymen to share the same joy. Their Welsh Deputy Prime Minister, an eloquent man of considerable intellect, denied that the English existed. Each year the state took vast sums of money from the people of England and spent it in Scotland. The magic formula used for this purpose could not be justified so they made no attempt to do so. They simply didn’t mention it and hoped no one would notice. It worked – no one seemed to care. The Conservative Party, true to its unionist roots, mistakenly saw an English Parliament as a threat to the Union, something so wonderful that it should be preserved whatever the cost to the English. Much better to let the injustice of the Barnet formula continue and the English suffer. So much talk about democracy but so little interest in a referendum that would let the people of England decide for themselves. As for the Liberal Democrats and their Scottish leader – well, hypocrisy personified.

Some English people had been so successfully drawn into devotion to the British state and a British identity that they chose to ignore the massive cost to the English, both financial and cultural. Always struggling to justify the discrimination and make light of it; always seeking to exploit the increasing expression of English national identity but always secretly resenting it; always failing to understand or be part of it; always the tepid support of bewildered outsiders; always the patriot but never the nationalist. What had become of the English that they put up with such people and the discrimination they sought to excuse? Perhaps the English really are as stupid as liberals believe and deserved what they got.

The fanaticism and deceit of the self-confessed social liberals was inspired by a dogma which was so thin as to be threadbare. But that did not stop them from constantly repeating their vacuous liberal platitudes. It seems incredible now that such nonsense went unchallenged for so long. Did they really believe what they said? We need these people – We can’t do without these people – How impoverished we would be – How vibrant our society has become – How boring we were – We live in a global economy. How had the English managed to exist for so long without the blessings brought by the Great Upheaval? The social liberal answer was simple; the English had plundered the world and forced millions into slavery.

How did social liberals get away with such nonsense for so long? Well the answer is simple, it was by tried and tested propaganda techniques and blatant intimidation. The deception was made so easy by those who only wanted to get on with their soft lives and pretty jobs. Dissidents were deemed evil and deserving of their punishment. It was seen as a heinous crime for someone to be persecuted in some far away place for being a liberal – a denial of human rights, free speech and democracy. The persecution in England of anti-liberal dissidents was done in the name of human rights, free speech and democracy. How astute Radio 4 listeners were to vote 1984 the book which best represents modern England.

What explanation is there for Blair’s rise to power and the hold he had over his audience? How could he speak so many words but say so little? What caused him to deny the English the very things he so passionately wanted for Kosovons and others? Maybe it was a difficult childhood or a psychological defect that was responsible for him and his henchmen being drawn into the murky world of social liberalism. Whatever the reason, they seemed to relish the power it gave them. The price some of them paid for it was an affliction that will forever be linked with the names Robertson, Cook, and Hoon. These men displayed all the symptoms of severe acute pomposity syndrome (SAPS).

I suppose we should feel sorry for them but it is impossible to forgive them their complicity in the crimes committed against the English people. At their trials they snivelled that they were only obeying the orders of their leader and didn’t know the enormity of the deeds they did. As for Blair, he seemed to believe he was doing the work of God. His fervent sincerity resulted in some comic posturing, which was most often apparent when he was in the company of his powerful partner Bush, the man they called The Organ Grinder. Let us pray that we never see their like again. It is reassuring to know that on Great Upheaval Day we are all reminded of the liberal tyranny and the suffering it caused. We must never forget what liberalism did to our country and our people, and we must never let it happen again.

The social liberals were not alone in their responsibility for the Great Upheaval. Others had started the process but had appealed to a different bundle of Holy Scriptures labelled Economic Liberalism. The economic liberals were at first found only in the Conservative Party, and they were in the main English and not so keen to bring destruction on themselves. However, their craving for economic growth led them to overlook or excuse the harm they did. It started with a small dose; we need to bring in people to do the jobs none of us want to do. How kind and thoughtful of them. They had their critics, some of whom said the aim was to avoid economic change by bringing in cheap labour, and it would become a habit. The economic and social liberals scoffed at the critics and called them names but the doses increased.

When White Hot Wilson and his successor Sunny Jim took charge, the habit got completely out of control. Don’t worry they said, their birth-rate will soon be the same as ours; integration is a wonderful thing. The brief period of Ted, The Great Helmsman was a disaster which holed the boat in another place, and is the subject of another nightmare.

Even the Great Goddess was addicted and did not stop the practice, although she made a great fuss about it before she was elected for the first time. Then came Underpants John, the most naturally ungifted of them all; his incompetence was truly awe-inspiring. By the end of his term the whole governing elite was hopelessly addicted or dealing, yet they couldn’t come to terms with reality and admit that their dogma and its consequences had become institutionalised. Ideological discrimination became so ingrained that to even suggest that multiculturalism was a dogma, was to invite persecution.

Liberalism had many unfortunate effects on those afflicted with it, including extremely short vision, known as short-termism. Let the future look after itself; the market will steer us through; someone else can take the blame; isn’t the turmoil and disintegration incredibly exiting.

One of the worst things that economic liberals did was to give the impression that they were concerned about the Great Upheaval and would bring it under control. The Great Goddess gave many of her supporters (worshippers) a false sense of security and made them complacent; they sat down and stopped rocking the boat. That misplaced complacency was shattered when Blair’s Scottish government vigorously stoked the Great Upheaval and brazenly overrode the wishes and interests of the English people. What did they care; Scotland was relatively unaffected by the Great Upheaval and doing very nicely from the magic Barnet formula (spell).

Perhaps there really was an element of magic in it all. Maybe a spell had been cast which made hypocrisy invisible to all who heard and saw it. Eventually the damage became so bad that the English were unable to reconcile fine words about the wonders of a vibrant multicultural society with the reality they saw about them. Eventually they realised that the multicultural dream was with them – this was it, and liberals were joyously promising them more of the same. This view of hell from close quarters caused many English to lose patience with those among them who had held them back by always showing concern for everyone but the English. At every opportunity there was a person from one organisation or another appearing on television screens putting the case for those coming to England, whether legally or not. Every practical suggestion for ending the destruction was met with hand-wringing pleas that we should consider the plight of this or that group. What about this – what about that – but it infringes our liberty – it is an inconvenience. Eventually, the English realised that their way-of-life was being destroyed, and they could not wish it all away like a child –fairies would not fly down – the king’s men wouldn’t put Humpty together again. Eventually they realised that grumbling was not enough – they would have to act, and act boldly, thinking only of their own interests and their own future. Eventually they challenged the ideological priesthood and questioned every last one of their dogmatic assertions. The priests had never been challenged before and had never had to argue the truth of their claims. It quickly became evident that their dogma was based on faith and wishful thinking, not hard evidence. The liberals were unable to argue rationally so they resorted to ever-greater abuse of their ideological enemies. Indeed this became a hallmark of the liberal regime.

Liberals had never had to defend themselves in a fair fight. They had always dominated the means of public debate.

Always pushing out their unchallenged propaganda. Every day telling people what was newsworthy. Always posing as neutral upholders of democracy and free speech. Always their hypocrisy and fake chumminess. Always asking an audience of millions to express views on a (censored) web site, a place where the words would be read by dozens of people.

Behold! – at last the English asserted their will and the mighty edifice crumbled – just like the Soviet Union, which also looked so big and strong, and claimed to be here to stay. But afterwards, when everyone saw how rotten the whole ramshackle structure was, they wondered how it had stood for so long, and why they had not brought it down earlier.

Ah well, it was only a dream. But wait, I hear a stirring – the natives are getting restless. I see an anger in their eyes and feel a tension in the air.

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