Englisc Arms Car Sticker

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  • Englisc Coat of Arms Car Sticker
  • To be applied to the outside of the car. Also ideal for motorbikes, caravans, school books, mirrors, bedrooms, doors, fridges.
  • Size: 100mm x 117mm (approx 4" x 5")

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Imagine there had been no Norman conquest. What would have been the symbols and images that defined our country and people? This our version of an Englisc Coat of Arms.

The word "Englisc" pays homage to Old English tradition - our very early ancestors referred to themselves as the "Englisc". Our design has at its centre the iconic Sutton Hoo helmet which belonged to King Raedwald, one of the first Bretwaldas, or Overlords, of all the English people. The helmet is now displayed at the British Museum in London. On either side of the helmet are the wolf and the dragon both of which feature strongly in English legend and folklore. Below the helmet are shown the 4 flags of the ancient English kingdoms of Mercia, Wessex, East Anglia and Northumbria. The runes spell out “protect the English nation” and the scroll bears the legend “se swa his halaford” – “each his own lord” in Old English. It’s an old English saying that we like very much, and sums up nicely the outlook of our early ancestors. It’s about loyalty and respect being given only to those who have earned it. Free men do not owe loyalty or respect to those who show no respect or loyalty to them....now you know.


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Product Code cs-englisc
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