They build you up and then they knock you down. We’re always interested in your feedback (well most of the time) and plenty of you take the time to let us know what you think, so here’s what you have to say – the whole bloomin’ lot of it. Some people are with us, some against us – and some quite plainly as mad as box of frogs (make sure the chains on the door love!)

Hi ThereWATE.com

Visited the site this morning, was impressed, spent some time reading 'quotations' and looking at the mechandise, this after attending National Council of CEP meeting in Shefford yesterday, Paul May spoke very highly of your organisation. I will be back shortly to continue my visit, I know there are some things I have to order for St George's Day decoration of my house.Good luck to you all in your new venture - Regards, Len.


AGAIN............NO  THANK YOU................I READ ON ......IT JUST GOT BETTER.

Have visited your site a day or so ago and it is superb!! Have posted a comment too. As soon as pay day comes around I'll be back to order.. got my eyes on a t-shirt, coffee mug and lapel badge already! Just a thought.. are all the items made in England? Might seem a daft question an' all but I have to ask! If the answer is on the site somewhere then ignore me.. haven't had chance to look in detail.. If they are and it isn't then perhaps a note to say so.. just to reassure patriots such as myself! :- An idea for your site.. you've probably thought of it already but.. I've been looking for some 'English' gifs (flags and such like.. and humorous stuff too) for attachment to emails or similar docs.. animated ones preferably. Not sure how you'd go about selling them or maybe a freebie download to encourage people to visit? - Regards Pete.

YET AGAIN.Enjoyed your story of Brunanburh. (Ic eom fram thaem wirhael.) I am from the wirral ,one of the places where the battle is said to have taken place. you forgot to mention that this is where all the English men , for the first time ,Northhumbrians, East Angles,West Saxons etc. fought .......as one nation .....together. It could be said that this battle, saw England as a Nation begin , under Athelstan.......Alfred's grandson. Wes  hael. Encourage Anglo-Saxon history.- Danny.

Your email was actually rather shocking. It is the first unsolicited email I have received for years that I was pleased about !! What an absolutely brilliant website - I've not had the time to look all around yet but I will be placing an order for several items shortly. Have you got time to include St.Georges Day cards??  This England is the only supplier I know that has them printed in England. Brilliant site - I'll be back after I've had a sleep! Hope it is very successful. I have other ideas that may help you but don't have time just now. I'd even thought of making a similar site as I knew there was little on the 'net. Now I don't need to.  Well done. All the best - Tony

Hello and thank you for the site! Just a couple of things you might think about or add. Firstly, you might wish to add the Battle of Sedgemoor to your list of battles - this was the last battle fought on English soil. I have more information if you wish. Secondly, some great Englishmen I would add:
Samuel Taylor Coleridge
William Wordsworth
William Blake
Edward Elgar
Vaughn Williams
George Orwell
William Shakespeare (!)
Geoffrey Chaucer
John Milton
Lewis Carroll
Thomas Hardy
Charles Dickens
Enoch Powell
Turner (artist)
and many, many more...(these are simply off the top of my head and as I write this I am thinking of Jane Austen - excuse the innuendo! - John Keats, Shelley, Emily Bronte and again on and on...
Cheers anyway - Tim.

Hi man,
Thanks for looking at my site.  I'm glad I get the really stupid hate-mails, it keeps me laughing.  My favourite was the one about Galatasaray bribing referees with camels ! I looked at wearetheenglish.com, it's a very good site.  I know many people think if you are English, and a proud patriot, automatically means you are a racist.  This is stupid, it is important to be proud of your history no matter where you are from.  And England has indeed given much to the world. Anyway keep up the good work
- Lion GalatasarayNews.com

Keep up the good work! It makes me feel very reassured to now that there are sites like this. Anyone coming to this country would think patriotism is represented by racist neanderthals. As someone who is Black and English I shall continue to view this site with interest - Del.

Wanted to congratulate you on a truly brilliant website. I don't know any Englishman that wouldn't be moved by such a collection of patriotic articles. Since discovering this website I've become a regular visitor, its the best England website I've found. Nice one.

It's about time "we" English had a website like yours.  There have been so many for Scotland, Wales & Ireland -- but not enough England. We'll be working off this site for a long time, and we wish you all the very best of luck.  THERE WILL ALWAYS BE AN ENGLAND! - Cheers! Albert

Congratulations and all Godspeed on your site !Could we please have some links to our great magazines such as "This England" and "Evergreen" and the "Society of St George" on the site ? That magazines sentiments and it's editor's cast of mind match your own in so many ways. What a pleasure it would be to have it all together, to lift the spirit and give some hope of the future for those of us living in far places. - Very Best Regards Graeme

Thank you for your E-Mail today - I clicked on the first address Adrian suggested and it worked like a charm and I now have your website complete.
I found it very interesting and must compliment you on the result of what must have been a lot of research and work to produce it. I possess dual British and Canadian citizenship, born in Ipswich, Suffolk, spent six war years in the R.A.F. as a bomber pilot, and have resided for the last 54 years in Canada, now retired from the insurance business for some 17 years. So I have had considerable exposure to the English influence in this country and also in India where I spent four years during the war flying Wellingtons on Coastal Command and Liberators on Special Duty Ops. There is no doubt that both Canada and India owe much to the English influence but Canada especially has become over the years an extremely cosmopolitan country to the extent that British people and their heirs are fast becoming a minority. We need more British immigrants at least to keep the scales balanced! We do need, however, to exercise caution and not give the impression that we are a "superior race" as the Germans did in the last century, as this is just not so - people from all nations have much to offer the world, as has been proven in this country. People in the political arena, Federal, Provincial and Municipal, come a myriad of backgrounds and, by and large, their influence has been for the common good. We have, too, to guard from insularism, a lesson that the Americans have come to realise in spite of their tendency in the past to isolate themselves from the rest of the world. I step down from my soapbox to thank you again for your responses to my E-Mails and for your excellent website. - Regards Tony.  

great stuff ,just what is needed, its about time we english started fighting back and standing up for ourselves. your site is excellent - craig

Words escape me.The addition to your guest book by 'Robert The Bruce' totally made everything clear to me.  What a t**t. Completely out of curiosity I had a flick onto the website. Hmmmm..... and the English are supposed to be racist.  It just makes us more determined.I rest my lovely English case. - Emma Skeith (English born, English bred, and when I die my English  Heart will still beat for England)

thanks for an excellent site,i ordered a polo shirt and it was every bit as good as the hackett shirt i paid £70! for well nearly.also it arrived in 3 days.well done and please send out more cards with orders i gave them to friends to log on and ran out .keep up the good work english and proud ,cheers big al

Finally!!! About bloody time that there's a site which actually CELEBRATES being English and not listening to the Scottish dominated media that constantly belittle our once glorious nation.
I'll spread the word.Many thanks. Bart

About time...I have been waiting for a site like this for some time, if you hadn't of done I probably would have :)  

Excellent work.  I am a bit of a history buff and was very pleased to see the likes of Athelstan in the line up - but you must also include The Duke of Marlborough (Winston Churchill's Ancestor) as he was probably the greatest general in world history (makes Napoleon look decidedly amateurish).  And Shakespear of course - but great stuff anyway, and I don't want to be too critical. P.s has anyone else noticed how much the Scottish loath the English, and how they seem to be able to get away with just about any form of anti-English 'racism'?  It really worries me how much they are undermining things in the English government at the moment. 

Hi I'm Andy and I thought being this is an English Patriot's website I masewell get a few things off my chest. I am trying to prove I am an Englishman but I always thought I was one anyway! I was born in the Shropshire town of Shrewsbury and brought up on the border that separates England and Wales. It wouldn't be so bad to say I'm English if half my family weren't Welsh and stuck-up about it! My college is in Wales so I get shot if I wear my England Rugby Shirt in it! I've decided that for my own good I masewell end up marrying somebody English, so that I am not left alone in my belief of St. George! I think also being that I am a born salopian I masewell marry somebody Salopian and live in Shropshire when I am older! I do remember April 23rd and usually wear the England Rugby Shirt as it has the Tudor Rose on it, and despite never having the time I think morris dancing is a good way of celebrating ST. George's Day! I don't think my Welsh relations realise I count myself English but If and when they do I want you to realise I think the English are too much of a great civilisation to be poached from! I class my accent as Borderly-Salopian as in my town people show traits of the Salopian accent and do not sound Welsh!! My last question is do you know anywhere where you can buy Duvet Covers and Curtains that say England and have the ST. George's Cross on it! Not with anything to do with Rugby or Football but just the great country that stems from Newcastle to London! Another thing that needs changing is for people to be patriotic about being English, instead of just where they come from in England and what accent they have! What sounds better? I'm an Englishman or I'm a Brummie? I'm English or I'm Scouce? I'm from England or I'm from Yorkshire? You have to E-Mail me to my college in Wales but The Englishman will keep it confidential in his private inbox!!!  - Andy

Why is it, that everybody hates the english?

I would like to say just how much I thoroughly enjoyed your website, which I have just visited for the first time.  I happened upon the site almost by accident, and being an Anglophile, I couldn't pass it up. I found your page "about England" to be of particular interest, especially the following passage: “We have a heritage that is the envy of the world and yet, due to political correctness, it is a history and culture that is to be denied us. Scottish, Irish, Asian or any other culture you can think of is to be celebrated, but we the English are not afforded the same opportunity to celebrate our identity. This cultural genocide has now reached the point where any notion of Englishness, even our own flag, is being shouted down by the left wing thought police and labelled offensive or even racist.It is a national tragedy that through political correctness we are unable able to instil a sense of pride and history into our children. What harm can identity and belonging to their own country? Indeed, in times where many have no sense of direction, when communities are fragmented, the nation state can provide that identity, pull everyone together and tell us something of who we are and from where we came. At the end of the day, political correctness is nothing more than a weapon in the hands of a small minority, used to deny the majority their right to express their opinion and culture.” This sounds precisely like the situation with my own people in Dixie. Political correctness attempts to purge us out of existence, and spares nothing in its relentless effort to do so.  Our history is demonised in an attempt to make us out to be a race of heathens guilty of horrific atrocities, our people are discriminated against and ridiculed by outsiders and even some of our own people, and our flag is under relentless attack and vilified as "racist", just as you have said of St George's Cross. We seem to be in similar circumstances, and is it any wonder?  While the entirety of the American colonies were once British settlements, massive immigration to most of the US has altered that fact to the point that today, Dixie is the only region in the US that still has as its majority population the descendants of those early English settlers.  Of course, our culture, lifestyle, and speech are more English than any other part of the US, for obvious historical and demographical reasons.  So it would stand to reason that we are under the same sort of attack by politically correct forces. I enjoyed your site immensely, and will continue to visit it regularly. Scott

Re your English greats.......Old Winston was a t**t and a liar of massive proportions throwing away innocent lives for nothing and to this day most of the British public see themselves as a totally different ethnic group to the German people because of him he should be shown up for the traitor that he really is................. but you are as all the rest  frightened of the truth....Ursus. Wednesbury England


about time! its about time there was some English pride again. 

See, it is possible to be proud of who you are without despising who someone else is.  Well done.  Excellent site.  Lets get that flag flying again, but for the love of our country, not hate of everyone elses - no more ammunition for the bleeding heart lefties who want to, and are, destroying our great England. Matt

I like it. Keep up the good work. Wyatt

Hi there.I've recently been browsing the web and decided to look for things to do with national pride. I was disgusted to find the amount of sites or postings that are dedicated to pounding away at 'being an Englishman (Englishperson if they had their way!).  So far this is the only site I have found that tries to promote a positive image of the English and England. The only real target the lefties have is our football fans, and they have been quiet of late, they seem to label everyone who is English as a football yob and I'm getting sick and tired of it. We've given so much to this world and as a majority in our own country we are now being ignored, what with devolution, immigration problems, etc etc. I don't believe that you can really speak out in the current climate if you are white, straight, male, non-disabled and English for the fear of being heckled by a carefully orchestrated concoction of gay, lesbian, black, asian, disabled, feminist and other minorities that are used by the far left as a tool for imposing their own rules.....................rant over!....... sorry. I cant see there ever being a Government that rules by common sense, it's like a pendulum really. the left wingers are going to cause so many problems by trying to love all of the world, which will allow the right wingers to get in eventually, and all they want to do is shoot all of the world. Anyway, I'm glad I've found your site.
Did you know that the schools in my local area are not allowed to fly the Union Flag let alone the George cross, just in case it might upset one or two of the children in the schools  who have a different heritage, but are supposed to be British? Keep up the good work. Regards. Paul.

Just found your site & very refreshing too! Hope you will have a presence at the Liberty & Liveliehood March in  September. God bless you, God bless England. Joe

Just discovered it. Looks great. I think its time that English people reclaimed the St George how nice to see the flag as i often do now driving through towns and villages. It,s time to reclaim our parliament it,s no good Blair coming up with an half baked regional assembly another level of buracracy. He just does,nt get the message that he has systematically devalued politics with his spin so that people distrust every word he says. Sorry Tony six regional assemblies won,t do. English nationalism (the democratic type) is here and growing. We want England reclaimed, a new national anthem. The St George flying proudly at all institutions. This is my England and I want it back.

Excellent site ! But with the English greats you have to add the duke of Marlborough. Never lost a battle ! Churchill a descendant! Practically ran the country under Queen Ann. Keep up the good work, Bart

I love your site. I visit every so often. I'm living temporarily in the us and its a really frustrating,illogical place to live. Your site makes me feel closer to home...still,  only eighteen months left now!. I admire your sense of fairplay when you publish less than favourable letters to your guestbook, do you really have to do that??????? Keep up the good work...Carol

Hi there, I got all the stuff you sent a couple of days ago and I thought
I'd let you know I'm very happy with it. The quality of the clothes is
exceptional and I've already got another mate who has an order on its way
from you, and I'm bound to have other mates who'll do the same. Any
extention of your product range and there's no doubt I'll be getting some
stuff from you again. If you had some St.George boxers and socks too that'd
be something I know a load of us were looking for. Anyway thanks once again and I look forward to shopping with you in the future and putting as much business your way as I can. Richard

Great site,Im sat here with goose bumps all over me-keep it up. Do you know anything about-The Freedom Fighters Of England?  I keep seeing it sprayed on motorway bridges all the time but cant find out anything about
them – Thanks Dave

Dear we are english.com I have just found your site and it brings me great joy to see people like myself who feel overlooked and downtrodden in MY OWN country. I for one am a monarchist, I believe in the Union too (together we are strong, broken we are weak), but first and foremost I am English and proud of it. I must say that if the Scots and the Welsh hate us so much why do they all live here and even then continue to slate the English, I have had enough of it and now challenge any person from across the border who thinks we are the oppressors, I stick up for England and they hate that. I have told all my friends about your site and I will soon purchase some patriotic clothing from your site. I could not agree more with the english parliament and will bring it up at my next meeting with my political party to help raise awareness. I hope this email helps cement your beliefs, as I believe the English at long last are starting to awaken from their slumber, and will soon say enough is enough on many issues, remember if everybody who is English was to have a refrendum on this it would be a landslide in our favour such is the feeling on this matter I believe. Follow your spirit, and upon this charge, cry god for Harry, ENGLAND and ST GEORGE. - Yours sincerely Jason

hello just stopped by to say I absolutely love your website. I'm not English :'( but I probably love England more than anyone out there hehe so I think its great that you guys want to show people how great of a place England is and I hope one day I can say I'm English even if not by birth :) well keep up the good work and if you need help with anything I'll be more than willing to help –Jocelyn

Hello. I'd just like to say how I enjoy your excellent website about what being English actually is and how people like myself can be proud of our nationality. The sad thing is that although far right groups like the BNP are proud of their nationality they hate anyone who isn't the same nationality as theirs, and that isn't what Englishness is all about. I would like to see St George's Day being celebrated on April 23rd. I went to Stoke-on-Trent on St George's Day this year just so that it was a special day, but I was saddened to find that it was just a normal low key day. It isn't fair. Northern and Southern Ireland treat St Patrick's Day almost like Christmas Day and Scotland and Wales celebrate St Andrew and St David respectively. Let's have St George's Day a public holiday, which is appropriate as my name is George, anyway! England probably doesn't get special attention as it is bigger than Scotland, Wales or Ireland. When we talk about them as nations, England is split up into different regions and the famous north versus south divide, which deludes me as I live in the Midlands. Let's have a England political party, just like Scotland has with the SNP, the Welsh have with Plaid Cymru and Ireland have with the UUP. OK, Labour have the English flower - the rose as its emblem, but it isn't an England only party. The BBC tends to ignore England as a nation as well. After the Ten O'clock news for example Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland have programmes for their nation and the UK programmes either an hour or half an hour later. England just has the UK programmes straight away. Surely there are programmes that are relevant to all English regions but not to the nations outside? BBC radio is another offender. When Radio 1 decided to give The Session a different programme for each nation, I felt that the word "different" was misleading. The programmes are usually presented by Steve Lamacq, but although Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland were given two different presenters each Thursday evenings, poor old England had no change of presenter and we had Steve Lamacq again. To me, it's like the Welsh, Scots and Irish sticking two fingers up at the English, saying that "we've got different presenters and you haven't, so there". I find that slightly insulting, although the UK edition is broadcast from England anyway, it's probably a way of saving time and money, although from an English point of view, little has seemed to have changed; more like a mirage. To summarise, yes I am English and I'm proud of it. My father was born in Doncaster, so I also think of myself as half Yorkshire man as well. My grandfather however was born in Ireland. And I'm not only English, but I'm also Nottingham born and bred as well. I have noticed that your organisation is based here in Nottingham as well. I know Mansfield Road in Sherwood very week; my sister used to live on Melrose Street in the early 1990's, which is just around the corner from you; she also very English! I'm typing this from Sneinton, which you will not need reminding where that is - it's in England, of course! Anyway, keep up the good work on your very English website! – George

I found your site highly pleasing and agree with much of what is said, though I am somewhat concerned about the prospect of an English government were it to further divide the United Kingdom. I am curious as to what powers this proposed government would have, and where the British government fits in. Since England is by far the most dominant province of the United Kingdom, the English parliament may tend to become the dominant power, lessening the influence and relevence of the United Kingdom's parliament. I would prefer to see the United Kingdom devoid of provincial governments, and united, than split up with each area governing itself. I live in Australia and am fiercly monarchist and a British citizen, considering myself as such - one of my all-time favourite TV-series being Simon Schama's A History of Britain.

I loved your sight. really loved it. As a CEP and EDP member I would. Only
negatives for me really is the intro to the Battles section, too negative a
view of us, and refering to the Scotch (English word for anything or person
from Scotland) as tight bastards which although they are devalues the
seriousness of the site. Athough I recognise the tongue in cheek, will others
not pro us do so.

why are we all now supposed to be british.......
i was born in england, i live in england and no doubt i will die in england
so that should make me ......  ENGLISH !

Came across your site searching on the Internet whilst I couldn't sleep, and read your article about St. George's Day. The thing is, howcomes more people know about St. Patricks Day then St. George's Day? Most people don't even realise when it is April the 23rd that is it St. George's Day. I blame Guinness, basically - which makes me wonder just how a St. George's Day campaign ran by an English Brewery would do.Anyhow, nice site - I spent a long time reading it, and sending quotes to my mates. - Cheers Steven.

Very good site - I followed up after joining the English Democrats. BUT your history is wrong! Like me, you were taught at school (years ago in my case) that the Anglo-Saxons drove out the Romano-British. Well, no they didn't, according to research on genetics by Prof Sykes at Oxford. The Anglo-Saxons took over but the Romano-Brits stayed put (only their leaders fled to Wales). Prof Sykes's research also shows that the same thing happened to our earlier ancestors - the reported Celtic invasion did not take place but the local Brits adopted Celtic culture. The female DNA shows that all the British nations are descended from the Stone Age people who migrated here at the end of the last ice age, from 30K years ago, before the English Channel was formed. Later incursions - of Celts, Romans, Anglo-Saxons, Vikings, Normans etc - are revealed by Y-chromosome male DNA but they were so small that they did not change our genetic make up all that much. (Note that the 'Cheddar Man', an 8,000 year old skeleton found in the caves at Cheddar Gorge was found from DNA analysis to have 'relatives' living close by to this day!) Thus, while the British people are divided into four nations, the differences between those nations are not racial but cultural, geographic and historical - which in my view makes it EVEN WORSE that one of the nations, the Engish, is denied the right to exist as a nation except when we play sport. (And I write as someone of Scottish descent.) So please revise your history but keep up the good work! - Ian Campbell

WATE Reply – Thanks for your support Ian but the majority of the DNA reports actually show the opposite to what you have stated above. With DNA still being a fairly haphazard science it’s important that we also view the linguistic, cultural and archaeological evidence – I think our history is correct.

Dear sir/madam
While i was most pleasantly surprised to find your website i was most let down and disappointed by the continued use of Britain flags on sites nothing to do with Britain your site sells itself on being about England not Britain so to have in your CD section a cd with a label with the wrong uk state flag on it instead of the correct  England flag as it should really annoyed me as it is so hard to tell stupid people that the Britain flag is nothing to do with England, yet you've reinforced that incorrect attitude on your site mistakenly or not it blights your site making the whole thing meaningless with mixed messages, also of course your video section is full again with videos reflecting Britain in war not England,while i very much support sites that do make an effort, if you want to be the, we are the English etc,etc,you need to stop contradicting yourself and cut out the uk content otherwise talking about England becomes pointless.

Love your site, its about time we started to organise an english voice. One of the most annoying examples of lack of identity on our part is the playing of the british national anthem for England football games, rugby games etc.  
It was great to see the commonwealth games break the mould with Land of Hope and Glory echoing around Manchester. We should organise a campaign to petition various sporting bodies who do not play the English Anthem to change this immediately.   We should contact prominent Englishmen perhapscurrently playing in the England teams to get them to express their views.I would also like to see an English Nationalist Party as everybody else seems to have one. As for St George's Day, every day is St George's Day at my house, I have a St George's Flag flying 52 weeks a year - in sunny Leicester, where Manzil Mogil, Head of the British Muslim Foundation is trying to ban the flying of the St George Cross on St George's Day. I will try to find out his email telephone and fax details and we can start a campaign against this anti-english racist. Plenty more where this came from, good luck with your site. Regards George Saint

You mention great battles that we fought years ago!  What about Monty, El Alamain, Battle of Britain, GOOSE GREEN, Not to mention the Gulf and Gulf 2.

What about the Battle to stay English!  It would be nice if you could stir up more support to get rid of Phony Blair and Keep us out of Europe.  If Phony gets his way there will be Civil War eventually and you and me may be to old to actively support it! We are the English, not European Lets fight together to keep it that way! Jason

Dear Sir/Madam,I would just like to thank you for making my life that little bit better!I was born on April 23rd 1971 and get so pissed off every year when St Patrick's day is celebrated in the country I was born and St George's day isn't.
It is about time that we have a day to celebrate our heritage and celebrate everything that is English. Keep up the good work and I hope that one day people in England will all come together on April 23rd and celebrate together!

Wonderful stuff!!! Even as a little boy (not that long ago!) I was thinking along these lines. When I saw the website and EDP site today I simply couldn't believe it - great! Long, long overdue. Particularly like the part about English greats. It's nice to know I am not alone - I guess we've been silent and too tolerant for far too long. Tonight I shall dream of us all meeting at the Hoary Apple Tree once more but this time the result will be different - the banners of Godwinson will be held high! Keep up the good work - Fran

Great site, keep up the good work! England til' I die – Luke

Dear sirs, Great site....but for the love of god can you please get radical???
Start a movement...because my beloved ,st george , red crossed England is being eroded and eroded...I love your merchandise and here on the costa del sol ...i see it everywhere.....and i moved here because i had had enough....
BUT....tis time to grab the dragon by the horns....and smite the invaders....
It hurts so badly to see the three political parties...Tony Blair ...born in EdinburghIain Duncan Smith.....a hint of scots methinks...iain???? ....duncan???And that Ginger charles kennedy.....OH WE"VE GOT A CHOICE THEN!!!!!!!!! ALL BLOODY SCOTS!!!!!!!!!And if we head to that welsh git Nick Griffin...we are truly lost..........We need to mobilize......for i tell you...once the local authorities act take place and england is no longer united...then we are doomed....The idea that we are now part of east anglia or ne england??? and the scots government playing each canton off against each other....to divide and conquer....and the scots government is succeeding....In the south they have the greater council tax...and who do they blame....the north... to bring it up too scratch....in the north all the north sea oil went to the south....divide and conquer.....And if we do not get radical we are lost..A forum...spam...google placement....we need to tell the sheep of england to spread the word.....to get passionate about what is happening to our country, in pubs , in clubs, to friends...make them read a pact before they enter...to agree...........for gods sake we were the greatest empire the world had ever known ....in 1945...before the yanks shafted us.....58 years ago...and it has come to this....yours impassioned and looking forward to hearing your reply.....bart

Well done England...At least I can sleep easy nowadays. Thanks for thrashing the Germans...keep up the good work lads. - ahmad kamal

I am iranian but i love the english national team!!!! They are great!!!! And what an amazing win over Germany!!! I knew they could do it!!!!!!! ENGLAND RULZ!!!! 4EVER!!!!!!!! - LM

I'm Catholic Northern Irish but i support England and always watch them play. Saturday was a crazy rollercoaster ride of emotions but Beckham has left me speechless again. I can only hope that he continues to soar to even higher highs but also takes this team up there with him. I look forward to seeing them in the World Cup 2002  - WEEBLACKCROW

The three Lions. Good article DP. I've been searching all over the internet for a story on the history of the 3 lions. As I put on my England shirt the other day, I thought.........So what's this all about anyway. As far as I know, it's just a symbol of historic England and a logo. Well, you've helped me out and i'll be checking back for part 2. Cheers.Steve.

Hi there,Question:The National Anthem of England: God Save the Queen The National Anthem of Great Britain: God Save the Queen Why?  I'm sure you have probably mentioned this somewhere on the site, but I've only just come across it today and haven't had the chance to have a good gander...  Do you have any idea as to why we don't have our own NA, maybe something like 'Jerusalem'? Great, great site by the way.  Will be seeing more of it tomorrow.

May I recommend 'England Away' by John King.  Disturbing yet compelling reading - three generations of the English (starting with a chap who recollects D-Day!) kicking the s**t out of the other Europeans....  Marvellous! Am off to France in three weeks to represent the UK in a martial arts tournament - will let you know if I can scar the rest of the Euro community! :-) Best wishes, Scott

Just a note. As you might have figured by my user name I also dream of independence from the UK, even if it's probably for different reasons from yourselves. Nevertheless, a lot of this site is asking what's wrong with "being English" and why does this make you a neo nazi and NF member. Well, I can only speak for myself but what really pisses me off about English folk is the way that they see the terms "British" and "English" interchangibly. Here's an example of it from your own site: "During the dark days of 1939 we stood alone against tyranny...we are the English". This is also often said about World War I and any British conflict/achievment. As far as I am aware my granddad didn't go on holiday to Nothern France's trenches between 1914 and 1918 and I doubt my dad was off parachuting as a pastime when he 'dropped in' to Germany in 1940. So, basically, by all means be proud of your country like we are just try to remember that  you're not Britain and I'd have thought you'd find enough to brag about than claim the bravery and lives of those who fought for Britain, not England. Scott

On Armistice Day...Thank you for your E Mail which I am reading on Armistice Day....Veterans' Day and Rememberance Day. My love for..and of...England has never faltered even though I have lived in America for 40 years. I asked for the American flag to be raised where I work...and it was done. I did stop work, albeit briefly, at 11 am. I wore lapel pins to thank Great Britain, America and Canada.....and remembered my Dad, born on this day. I hope this makes you smile.....I am often asked why I have not become an American citizen and my usual answer is that I will...on the same day that Queen Elizabeth becomes an American citizen. I still love receiving my copy of THIS ENGLAND, baking a cake for St George's Day and celebrating as many English and British customs as I can get away with. And my car has the Union Jack in the rear window....so please, for the sake of the next generations, please continue to remind people of the debts they owe to Veterans of all the wars fought so bravely, so young by so many and those today who still fight for freedom and our way of life. So please, keep your pride and the struggle to maintain our heritage in an oft changing world. Sincerely. Rosemary

Hi I'm want to know why whenever England play we have God save the Queen as our national anthem when this is the British anthem. I was wondering if you could help spearhead a campaign to get our own national anthem played which I belive is "Land of Hope and Glory" or set up a pole to find out what English fans would like played before sporting events.Just because the other British teams can never make any tournaments I don't see why we should have to represent them via the anthem. Best Regards James

Just like to say this is the best English Footy website I've been on. While living in the States it can be difficult to get hold of any decent English stuff.
You have changed all that. Thanks again and keep up the great work.
I will be passing this website link to all the English here in Dallas

Oh the delight in being an Englishman in Australia this Sunday morning. What a sweet victory! To those Aussies amongst you - Commiserations - To the Poms - share the moment. Take care, Ted.

Greetings, Just to let you know it is brilliant living in Australia at the moment since 10pm Saturday night the locals...sorry convicts seem to be a lot less cocky than usual but they still have come out with some perfect excuses like:
It was wet so better suited to you lot (what it never rains in Australia?) The grass should have been cut shorter (apparently it was cut on the Tuesday before the game and not Thursday like normal-what diff does it make)  Anyway thought i'd share this with you-its great to be English at any time but fantastic at the moment.

Watched it up Regans Bar Casualties: Lots of bruises Two chairs One table One broken leg (Biaff) But it was one hell of a scrum re-enactment! Hope you’re all well I will call you before xmas Jim

Dear Sir, madamwhat a absolutley wonderfull web site to come across!
i found the link on a message left in the normandy vets association guest book.Today i read the letter from a normandy vet in the paper how they wanted to take one last trip to normandy and had very little response in trying to raise enough money (how disgusting they even have to ask) Anyway thats how i came across this site.I cant wait to have a proper look at it. I thjink this is just what the english especialy the white men need( im a woman by the way) I love my country and fellow english and im sick to death of hearing how bad we are, how ashamed we should be for things that are nothing to do with this generation. Im sick of history being misinterpretated and chunks of it being left out( the white slave trade) done deliberately to create an atmosphere of misplaced guilt on one side and misplaced victim mentality on another. This country and its people have done many wonderfull things and we should be allowed to be proud of our country and fly our flag high!. all the very best Rosanna

recently went to the USA and on the green temp visa card I wrote my nationality was English. The smug customs officer put me in a room for 1/2 an hour and pointed out I was a citazen of the UK as per my passport.  What happenend to our identity Please add me to your mailing list.

I moved to Wales after marrying my Taffy wife for a couple of years and noticed how proud they were of their culture and how much they hate us which is perpetuated by their politician they have groups like cymunthe (spelt
wrong) which want to stop English People (No-Colonisation Campaigns) moving there. Similar language groups are in Cornwall, Scotland and Ireland. Do you have any articles on debating such groups. I think it a shame that we do not promote the ancient languages of England. Thankfully I have moved back home to Portsmouth. Keep Up the Good work by fighting the good fight by promoting Englishness – Scott

Hi,Great site.You can often read my views in the Hear All Sides column of the
Northern Echo.Just browse over www.thisisthenortheast.co.uk some time. My voice is only one of a few that stands up to the lunatic lefties, who
often write in about ramblings that are too insane to tell you ! Well,you know,
the old ones like 'England is a country of immigrants' and 'there is no such
thing as englishness'...Keep up the good work, and join me in fighting these lunatic left wing fascists. Kind regards,  Christopher

Have just read Christine Constable's speech - I totally agree with all she says. I am beginning to feel a stranger in my own country. We are rapidly losing our own identity in our own country. I am not rascist as I have lived in other parts of the world and have abided by their rules but why oh why is our own culture being gradually taken away from us and indeed why are we allowing it to happen. I fail to understand why New Labour is so hell bent in destroying all things English - why are the Scots voting in our Parliament? Why are they happy to embrace all other cultures but not our own?  Good luck- I hope that you succeed. Christine Dunn 

merry Christmas to all at W.A.T.English, what a way to end the year, beating the whingers at rugby in their own back yard.. I made sure i sent tessa growell a nativity card for christmas and thanked her for furthering the cause of english nationalism with her ridiculous views.thanks for the tip RE normandy vets, i will certainly send a few quid. best wishes tom,  (thanks for the england shirt) one last thing, christmas , we celebrate the birth of messiah, in bethlehem , which was in israel, not palestine.

Good day to you all, just ordered some cards off you for St.George's day.  Great site, something that I will be passing onto freinds in my area to have a look at.  Although i am in N.ireland at the moment I am indeed English and have many English friends here, why here?  I have a proffesional reason to be here. Glad to see such a lively, well informed and an informing site for the English masses to view, lets hope that our Culture, Heriatage and Pride is not to be thrown away and forgotten as we may fear!!
All the best to you and yours, Alban North.

your site is excellent...im damn proud to be english...it just winds me up that more the foreighners comeing in the less patriots there are...i just want to say 1 thing...i hate scottish irish welsh french american germans dutch asians africans..i hate everyoneeee....you know y??...cuz im a typical arrogant english lad...so they say anyway but i dont care uz as long as im english nothing can bring me down!!!

Hullo Julien...everywhere in British Columia but especially Vancouver, I don't know the East Coast of Canada much.I just made my seventh trip to Vancouver & on the Sunday went to a parish Church in LADNER...All Saints. I'm no fanatic but remained Church of England. I wish you could see the  gate in the garden..just like an English Lych gate. Tea & coffee & even home made Simnel cake were served....a very old fashioned cake usually only made around Easter. Probably half the parishioners are English even if they lived in Canada for years. I was made so very welcome. Then there is TSAWWASSEN ( pronounced Twussen ) This town is right on the American/Canadian border. They even boast a " Rose & Crown " and a very authentic fish & chip shop. No one ever questions you if you ask for marmalade....which most American people don't know about. I was in one shop...high quality secondhand clothes...and I realized there were 4 English women ( who'd never met before ) in one small shop. My own Church on Staten Island, St Paul's, has an American minister of Scottish descent. I pride myself with avoiding controversy & getting along with people of all shades, nationalities & religions. Fr. Blasinghame hosts a "British Flower Festival" every autumn...you'd hardly know you were in Staten Island, America. The Consul General of New York is always there...and the West Indian ladies dream up tiny sandwiches you had as a child with my scones & all kinds of fairy cakes. Fr. B held a very moving ceremony of rememberance for our Queen Mother ( I was terrified but asked to speak at the service ) He also remembers St George's Day every year. Julien, have you ever read the lovely magazine, "This England"  It is known as Britain's loveliest magazine...a bit conservative & too clean for a lot of people....but I treasure each copy & the photography make me so proud to be English. It is not cheap but worth every penny. I am planning a trip home in May...I haven't seen bluebells in many years. I'll be in the Southampton area....and hope my 89 year old Mum will be up to some wheelchair walks in the area. When you're pushing a wheelchair, you see far more than you ever would riding in a car. If she is up to it, I hope to take a taxi to Beaulieu..can't spell today....if you get a chance, go to the Hungry Gardener, one of the nicest cafe/ restaurants in Hampshire. And in closing....all around St George's day there are things to celebrate...our Queen's birthday...and Mr Shakespeare!....All the best...Rosemary

Thankyou Julien...should be in time for St George's Day. I'm planning on making a rich pound cake ( Elvis' favourite )  with white icing & a red ribbon,,,always a favourite. As you know, St Patrick's Day is big in NY...but if people ask who St George was...I can usually get a smile with...."St Patrick only slew snakes but St George killed the dragons!" If you are ever in NY ( let me know )  ...there is a very beautiful St George's Church, where an English friend is a minister.I hope to send you a photo  of Nightingale, my little Toyota Echo with her flags of St George, USA & Canada. I guess you know you have fans, especially near Vancouver, in Canada. My car got her name from my Mother in Southampton...."Like an Echo, a nightingale sang in Berkeley Square" Regards....Rosemary

I remember as a child playing beside the river an England so beautiful in summers they seemed to last for ever and Christmas never came. Alas now with the intervention of foreign traders Christmas comes in the summer. Sid

.. badly let down by, of all things, its use of English.  Could someone
please spell-check and then grammar-check your 'Campaign for an English
Parliament' page?  I wholeheartedly support the idea... but couldn't
bear to read more after the first few lines. Keep up the (better?) work. Regards K

hi in the build up to st George's day i just want to congratulate you on maintaining this outstanding site that brings pleasure to me and those around,
 my pride for England and its history will never demise, my heart grieves everyday regards Peter

Landlord told to drop St.Georges Day from advertising, because it isn't
classed as a holiday but the chinese new year is, how sad is that. I am sure
that our government are Nazi  "Sleepers" acting as a fifth column trying to

Hello there ,Congratulations on a great  site it says everything an Englishman feels I will as usual be flying our flag here in Felixstowe ,I have one query I cannot print your web pages is there a block on them? good luck John B.

happy st georges day

Thank you very much for the very speedy delivery of this order which I
received on 23rd. Best wishes Mike

just letting you know what a great site you have,nice to see all the positive things about england when all we get shown is all the negative.I  cant wait until the people of england feel they can be proud again like I am. - Dean proud Englishman

just come across this glorious place. i would like to add a certain person to the english list of greats "sir frank whittle" born in earlsdon, coventry. worked in cov, lutterworth and rugby. but what did he do?he invented the jet engine, yes the very one that propell's all those planes around the world. i think he should get a mentiom somewhere. keep up the good work  - martin born english die English

I have never seen such a stupid website!My name is James. I am English and currently live in southern spain and I would just like to say I have never seen such a arragont and pointless website in my intire life. For starters The English if you dont know are an imbarrisment to the entire world and especially Europ. To be honest I am ashamed to be English the spanish see us as being a nation of thugs rapists and drunken idiots we seem to breed them. the rest of Europe is laughing at us We have lost our identity can't you see this? The only way foward for England/Great Britain is within Europe whether you like it or not. You really have to stop looking into the past at what the English have down its 2004 now we have to look ahead of us. Remember we no longer have an empire anymore the main power in the world is america and were busy kissing there backside. - James 

WATE Comment – he can’t even spell but thinks we’re stupid!! What a freak.  

i read today in a national newspaper that the ENGLISH flag was not flying on government buildings, in support of our team out in portugal. MR. Blair, made the comment , when asked why the flag was not flying?, these are british government buildings and if we were to fly a flag it would be the union flag. also he stated that there was nothing sinister about it. sinister? where does that come into it? as for nationalism most of the racist parties that i knoiw of use the union flag, or am i wrong?. the cross of saint george over the last few years has been used more often by English football supporters or whoever to show a national identity which through political correctness and other things is being eradicated. i would bet my mortgage that if scotland or wales were at euro 2004 their government buildings would be showing there support, but lets not forget they have their own assemblies, to govern themselves, us ENGLISH are not allowed that right are we? yes i am bleating on, but i do have a scottish grandfather(deceased) and a welsh grandmother(deceased), but i was born english and i carry a very north european name - Richardson. i was born English and i am very proud of that fact. just a note i would also like to add, MR.Blair is scottish, he may have a fine oxford educated english accent, no doubt procured at a time when his parents got a grant to pay for that education(yes i have used the links). i am sorry if this e-mail sounds bitter, that is not my intention, but through the process of using my intelligence i am beginning to realise who is being screwed by who. long live saint george and England , the world might not like us or even envy us, but i do believe that all the flag waving and patriotism shown in the guise of a football tournament, does have for MR.BLair more sinister roots than he and his advisors may or may nor believe.i hate to say it ,as a tolerant Englishman, but unless ceritan people wake up to reality,there are many problems that lie ahead for us all. many thanks for providing an excellent site - Martin.

Dear wearetheenglish.com,My good friend Keith Francis from Portsmouth recommended your website and I love it. I moved to Knoxville, Tennessee in America a year ago but I celebrate St George's Day here more than I ever was allowed in London.  Please see enclosed a photograph of the permanent flag display on the side of my house.  Left Flag: St George Middle Flag: American  Right Flag: State of Tennessee.I get no grief over here at all about displaying my St George flag alongside the flag the my wife's country. I've been taken aback at how patriotic the Americans are and for the first time in my life I'm actually situated in a place where I can show off how proud I am to be English. I lived in Walthamstow, London before moving here and I would never have been permitted to fly the St George. I Love my country - brilliant website, well done.  Gary

Great site chaps pity there arnt more ppl around like us then this country of ours would br great again,godx save the queen and st george

What a fantastic website.  Especially for us Englishmen who now reside out of the country.  Makes me very homesick! Regards Parki

I just want to say hello to You, and express my respect to how You celebrate Your Country. It's so rare in present times.All the best, Tomasz

Hello.I'm italian. I live in Rome. Without arrogance I believe that my country and  my city have a glorious history, at least as your. Without arrogance I believe that my country produced a number of great men not less than your.But we don't have a site like 'wearetheenglish.com'. Maybe because we arenot arrogant? Or simply because we are more stupid than you? - Bye bye from Rome

Dear We Are The English.com, I am writing from Cardiff University to tell you what a wonderful idea I think the site is.  I have lived in Wales now for 10 years and have not in one second of those years given into the Welsh goading to cast off my Englishness and 'become welsh' (as if living here means I can be assimilated).  It has been a difficult task.  As the one English pupil in a school of 800 welsh, with a broad English accent it was not easy -
particularly as I had moved from Rugby, Warks, and to say this was much the
same as saying I came from a place called 'Football.'  As we all know
children in school can be remarkably blunt and offensive when they wish to
be and Englishness attracts about as much abuse as one can expect outside an army barracks.  In her workplace, my mother was subjected to such abuse that she would sometimes return home from work in tears.  Despite the Welsh
protestations that 'its all a bit of fun' and 'you should take it as a joke,
friendly rivalry' I have never once found attacks upon my nationality in the
slightest way funny and I scarcely need to add that I would NOT be asked to
were I asian or afro-Caribbean. Of course, Welsh patriotism is a license to
do just about anything or make any slur against the English that you wish,
as I am aware Scottish patriotism is in the North.  I, as you do, find it
very sad indeed that English patriotism is denied to us by whining lefties.
Its bad enough 'President' Blair trying to turn us all into Americans
without our own countrymen telling us we should be ashamed of who we are. 
We have all seen athletes like Colin Jackson and Jamie Baulch parading the
welsh flag around after athletic success, but I can't remember the last time
I saw a George cross flying proudly around an English athlete's shoulders (I
may just be out of touch with sport though!) - what a disgrace that would
be(!).  In short, I think wearetheenglish.com is a great idea and I hope you
receive growing support in the years to come as more and more of us become
aware of exactly what is going on in the UK at the moment with regard to
national identity. Secondly, I was wondering if there is any offical campaign for an ENGLISH national anthem - Land of Hope and Glory would be a belter at big occasions. And thirdly, Im looking for an English emblem for a tattoo design at the minute and was wondering if you could help? Of course the Rose and the lion rampant but was wondering what others there may be?
Keep up the excellent work and I look forward to hearing from you Cheers, Mike

As a patriot, serving paratrooper and proud Englishmen I was chuffed to find this web site. With foreigners literally at our door steps its important to know who we are, and let them know who's country they're in, and I think this web site aids this cause. Keep up the good work.  

had thought that most English people had given up all hope, after being battered for years by the propaganda  spewed out by the leftist apologists and revisionist historians and the never ending assaults on our rights, by politicians,who we are supposed to have voted to office, to represent our views. Thankfully, after reading your site, I now know that is untrue. Thankyou

hi. i like the site, but i can't seem to find any reference on there about how the english went out into the world (asia, africa, the americas), took all the resources for themselves, forced the natives into service and slavery, wrecked the countries, and left the native peoples to pick up the pieces.

I enjoyed reading your web page on English greats. I was, however, a little
disappointed to see that you failed to recognise or mention one of the
greatest (perhaps the greatest) Englishwoman in your list of English heroes.
I refer to Margaret Thatcher, one of the two greatest Prime Ministers the
country has had (the other being Winston Churchill). I'm sure I don't need
to remind you of her achievements, but I think a leader who presided over
the salvation of the economy, restored the nation's confidence and pride by
victory in the Falklands (while simultaneously restoring the freedom of 2000
British subjects), pursued policies which led to victory in the Cold War,
and smashed the stranglehold of socialism, not only in England but in much
of the world, deserves a mention on your excellent website. I must also
include her corageous stand on Europe, the famous Bruges speech, and her
subsequent formulation of a new and radical vision for Europe, one which
does not involve absorption into a multi national, multi cultural, federal
monolith. I could list many more achievements, but I'm sure you're already
aware of them, and I trust you will agree that Lady Thatcher deserves a
mention and a place among English greats. Respectfully yours, Ivan.

You describe Snorri as "Norwegian". In fact he was Icelandic, although he
served at the court of the Norwegian king.

Interesting site

What can I add in praise of England,the very word should make us all so proud to be an Englishman,no doubt about it we set the world on it's way, sorting out many threats to England on the way, I will  be flying England's flag on St Georges day,well done with the site keep it going cheer's John B Turner

Tut tut, Please be advised that it is the UNION FLAG and not the Union Jack as your representive said. The Union Flag only becomes a Jack when flown from a Jack Staff which is found at the bow of a Naval Vessel. Regards Bill.

Keep up the crusade my fellow countrymen, In these dark days of political correctness and anti Englishness (The evil dragon of our time), Stand tall, stand strong, stand proud and stand English!! WE are the blood and future of OUR land, and of OUR great saint,......Lets make George proud of his children!!! Steve,

Hello , Firstly , keep up the good work , I am Proud to be English and promote England whenever possible.Are there any candidates standing for Elections in the North East of England. I live in Darlington , County Durham , and there would be a lot of support for the English party and its ideals. We are organising a day out for St Georges Day and will be in our town centre,pubs, with leaflets and flags etc The time has come for us to stand up and be proud , to be English ! P.J.

Please put me on your mailing list.Fantastic site...there are people out there with exactly the same views as me!!!!  Keep up the good work,   Keith.

I just wanted to say thanks for putting such a great site together.  I emigrated from England 2 years ago, but I am very proud to be English, maybe more so now that I have left and realise how great it is. I have just spent 2 hours reading through the site and am very proud. Thank you. Happy St George's Day! I will be celebrating from 3000 miles away. Danielle

Rourkes Drift English you should be ashamed. I am from Monmouth Wales and My father was in the SWB. Most regiments in Wales had a English county name, not because they were English but because they were Run by English Politicians. Monmouthshire is very complex, that problem was by the Oxford  Papers that all of a sudden included Monmouthshire as English, this problem is still there now, but Monmouthshire is and always been very welsh, the English in the Regiment excluding the mixed up ones are from mainly the Forest of dean, which was actually a part of wales but came under the same problem.All I say to you is work out your facts. Wales has lost a lot of its heritage this wat. A Briton is originally a welsh person, coming from the Language family Breton of welsh tongue, so you have no right to call yourself British

WATE Comment – Don’t worry about that mate, we don’t. Just read this bit again - No more than 20 of the 140 men defending Rorke’s Drift were Welshmen. Of the eleven men awarded the Victoria Crosses three were Welsh, one Irish, one Swiss and the rest were English.

see just from your example no1 :english bowman, that you have no idea. These bowmen were welsh, and wore LEEKS (OR daffodils to differ themselves from the English. The English Bow is just in originality a Welsh Bow, and guess where the kING hENRY WAS BORN the master of Agincourt, Yes Monmouth ,wales and so were most of the archers, No2 wELSH PEOPLE Could be shot over the border after 12., but let us not forget that there were also rules for you frenchies, because the Saxons were not the ruling class. And let us add to your list that the English were the last people of Britain so how sad Ye Old English what you put on everything, and you have no claim to Arthur. Wellington won his war with mainly welsh people at wellington, and the backbone of the british Empire was secured by the Celtic people, and not the so called brave English. The thing that the English do have is political power and that is why then as now as then your brainwashing as come to power.CYMRU AM BYTH

Finally a website that is not concerned with political correctness. Tomorrow will be a proud day and I will certainly be wearing my England Shirt and flying St Georges flag. I blame the Labour Goverment for obsessed with political correctness. Nowadays many people are afraid of calling themselves England for fear of being branded a racist whereas they should be proud.

Perhaps you would like to review your 'quotes' section. You have a number of very derogatory marks to England and her people. It takes little imagination to work out what having a site like this must do for your 'ego' - Mister patriotism.

WATE Comment - eh!

Im a Canadian.  My parents are from the English Land of what people only can dream of, Surrey, and Cheshire.  I may not be born in England, and i may love my home country of Canada, but you can bet your ass I'll run through the fields of battle with the ENGLISH ARMY.  Not British, not welsh, not Scotish, English!!.  Not cause i disrespect my Canadian soldier brothers.  But because im picking up the torches of my granfathers.  Im ready to stand, listen and pay back what my heritage created for me (Canada, and and awsome life)  Im more then ready to become a man of England, proud of my country Canada.  If it came to it, the English would go in first, and Id love to lead them with my boys the Canucks right behind you boys.  Fuck these terrorist fucks, take you r country back!!!!!!Ps, Never met my Grandfathers, but you can bet your ass the jerrys did.

ENGLAND FOR THE ENGLISH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dear Sir / Madam.Having perused your Cd & Video collection, I was pleased , and as a serving soldier proud of the British patriosm that you project. How ever, as a proud Englishman, I would like to see more musical & visual merchandise that is specifically English and not just British. The Scots can, the Welsh can, now lets show them that we can.

Dear England!  This site has blown me away.  I can not word my admeration any other way, this site has completely been what I needed to feel that once again the true English spirit is alive and thriving as it has shown itself to do in
times much worst than present.  Thank you from the deepest regions of my
heart for instilling the love and desire and pure strength of the english
that thrives in all of the true-blooded english, and allowing us to express
our love for this beautiful and majestic people that helped not only to
shape the course of this planet, but give the people a basis for education
and understanding of integrity and humanity....LONG LIVE THE ENGLISH!
P.S.  I have long been awaiting my first tattoo and i wanted to get
something to symbolize not only my father and my grandfather's legacy, but
also stay true to the real Briton's.  Nordic peoples have their suncross and
also often laugh at British people for not having a real heritage, but i
wanted to have a real symbol tattooed on my arm to symbolize the strength of
the Britannic peoples, and to show that there was a indigenous peoples of
england before the vikings and germans came, not to mention the damned
french!!!  I guess what i am asking is, please send me some pics of real
britantic symblos that i might tattoo upon myself to show that the suncross
is not the strongest symbol out of the european continent. Thank you and always,  "he that thou knowest thine"   Matthew

WATE Comment – Started off well but faded after the PS

I have greatly enjoyed your sight and I was just wondering about 'the
fighting man' banner of King Harold and I was just wondering if there was
any information on what it looked like. Thanks for any information - Regards Mathew

WATE Comment - As far as I know no one (or very few people know) exactly what it looks like. Contemporary descriptions of it however are all very similar. One describes Harold's standard as being "made of gold tissue having the image of an armed man upon it." Another says it was "was sumptuously embroidered with gold and precious stones, and represented the form of a man fighting." The reason I say that "very few" people know exactly what it looks like is because after the battle William sent the standard to Pope Alexander II in the Vatican as thanks for his aid in the invasion of England and it remains there to this day. I know that the Greeks have been making a lot of fuss lately about the Elgin Marbles being returned to Greece. I don't know about you but I would gladly return all the treasures from the British Museum if it meant that somehow the standard of the last true King of the English could once again return to these shores.

Very much like the sight (especially Athelstan Stuff - Visited Malmesbury Abbey recently and admired his tomb) but why only Football gear? Where is the Rugby, Cricket and countless other sports we English enjoy. One of our greatest gift to the world are our sports and our fans (just ask the Ozzies)
Keep up the good work – Nick

couple of things: where is the the content about our Country's traditonal music and our world famous songwriters? or is this another symptom of English not knowing anything about their culture apart from Shakespeare and Wars? sad really Bigmeuprudeboy

great site for patriots, but you need to get to grips with English spelling (there)

Hello Chaps.I went to this today, thanks to you informing me of it. I thoroughly enjoyed it and will be there again next year. The wreath laying was also very moving I thought.I have just ordered from your site, the white dragon standard. I have been after one of those for a while now and saw one today at the wreath laying, then noticed it on your site.Nice One and thanks again for keeping me informed. Regards Tommy 3 Lions

Looking forward to receiving my goods, was wondering if you plan to make the dragon available on other items? T-shirts, badges, mugs etc?Would you consider maybe producing a "Fighting Man" symbel(?) as was used by our beloved King Harold as a flag or t-shirt design? Would also like to say that I attended the wreath laying at the Harold Stone on saturday and was wondering if it was your goodselves or the "English Companions" who arranged it? Whoever It was they done a superb job and I found it a very moving experience. Keep up the good work and hope to hear from you soon,
Best wishes to all at "WATE" Paul

Wake up english ! Today is the 25th October 2005, not 25th october 1200. The world is changed and is still changing. Forget the past and look at the future. Every people in Europe has his part of glory in the past, not only England. But we live in the present. The most part of the nations in the world hate you, because your arrogance and your attitude to be pretencious. Be careful. The history is like a wheel. What now is up, tomorrow can be down. If you continue in this way, some day England could be destroyed and english could desappear from the face of the earth. It would be a pity...How can we survive without your beer !? Regards An Italian

I am an American who will soon be teaching a workshop on British Royalty.
Naturally, England is the focus, as that is the location of BP, St. James',
Windsor, etc. All the greatest aspects of the monarchy are contained within
England. I feel it is important to teach America about its mother country. I want to open minds & restore respect for our English roots! It will all start taking place in january of 2006. Take heart - there are many of us in the US who remember England and fight for her every day. 

Just wanted to say hello, I used to think I was the only Englishman who still loved England and felt alone in my anger at the deliberate subversion and enmity against England and its native People, but I now know I’m not alone. Continue with the good work in uniting the English People and with our struggle. Waes Heal


What a great company. Its about time. Tony l

English through and through

Love the idea of the White Dragon flag of England being flown to symbolise the feelings of the native Englishmen not putting up with any more eradication of our Englishness. Are there any plans to release any more products, apart from the flag, so that we can fully show our pride in more than one way?????? ie T shirts, mugs etc etc etc.Cheers, and really love what you're doing with the site, keep up the good work. Gregg.

Thanks for the e-mail and yes I will take the Finden & Hales t-shirt as a
replacement.  Love the site, it fills my heart with pride to see there are
English left with the old spirit. Take care, Matt

just luv this website.

Nice that you advertised in the news of the world. Finally a website that’s dedicated to us brits who are suppressed onto the sidelines , to see the flags and merchandise on offer is a joy, well done. Please put me on your mailing list Regards Andy

Found an advert for your website in the Daily Sport, just like to say I've never seen such an inspiring website. Keep up the good work!PS, any idea when the templates will be available for the tattoo ideas? Cheers! Jon.

I had your site recommended to me by a friend and I have just had a look ......... good for you!! I spent a number of years as a footslogger in the military and this is NOT the country that I worked so hard to get. Our government seem ashamed of all things British and there is no national pride any more. I live in Havering where you are deemed 'racist' by the council if you fly a Union flag or a cross of St George! Why is there shame in belonging to what is, arguably, the greatest nation that the world has ever seen? Now we have to apologise for it? We have to say 'sorry' for what happened over a hundred years ago and offer compensation? We allow and even encourage the celebrations for St Patrick's day and Eid but St Georges day? ..... not a chance! Most kids in my granddaughters school can't even tell you that date of it! All that they have learned about the 'Days of Empire' was that it was WRONG and the Indian Mutiny never even gets a mention let alone Clive of India!

I am PROUD to be ENGLISH! I am NOT a European; or a Brit, or a member of the UK ........ ENGLISH suits me just fine thank you very much.

It is an inescapable fact that hate groups have tried to hijack the national identity but they will not win. It is our way to be tolerant of others; to be acceptable of foreigners who wish to settle here and enjoy our country and way of life. Now we are paying the price for it with asylum seekers. I had always thought that one of the European treaties stated unequivocally that any asylum seeker must only apply in the FIRST EU country that they crossed, yet the French only want to make them OUR problem and then our own government are too scared to do anything about it and, if we are foolish enough to make our own thoughts clear on this subject, then we are branded bigots and worse. God forbid we should round up the obvious troublemakers and zealots and ship them back home ..... Human rights? It's a joke to make lawyers rich!

WATE Comment - I think it's the British government that has tried to hijack our national identity

I will recommend your site to ALL people that I come across from here on in whether they be English or immigrants to show them what this country actually stands for and what it means. PLEASE keep up the good work - John

You are right there is a big difference in the dna of the welsh and english but I still think the anglo saxon thing is far too 'black and white'. Recent studies of saxon burials have shown that many of the buried persons were dressed as Saxons but were in fact Britons..Couple this with the University of London's research into the y chromsome of the English suggests that the West of England (Devon, Somerset, Cumbria etc) has far more Celtic blood than English. As for Bede' commentary it has been commented that a lot was written at a time of heightened friction with the Welsh kingdoms, perhaps suggesting a 'politcal' motive. As to your comment about there being 'no Anglo migration' its obvious there was and you have given the reasons for this, language, law etc...its just that it seems that Anglo migration was just that, a migration and that the widespread diplacement of the Britons was in fact a 'cultural domination' by the newcomers. http://www.postroman.info/nations1.htm I suppose for the basis of identifying the English as a distinct group using the Anglo Saxon thing is very appropriate and in most ways 100% factual, especially for your site..I just feel that you maybe need to at least 'mention these things. Denying a share heritage with our Celtic neighbours is both devisive and simply bad science. cheers

WATE Comment - I think a lot of the people saying that there was no Anglo migration to England are politically led. I don't know what studies you are referring to but the ones I have seen have said there is a distinct difference between English and Welsh DNA. These studies also have the backing of historical documentation, archeologically and linguistic studies. Our language is Anglo-Saxon - virtually no “Celtic” words what so ever remain. Many contempory historians including Bede documetated the migration of the English to the time that coincided with the disappeaence of archaeological finds in the Anglo-Saxon homelands. Not only do many, many of our towns and cities bear AS names but also things such as mountains, lakes and other landmarks - things that would have retained their original names if the “Celts” had remained. The way that the dead were buried, their pottery and house buliding techniques all changed. The Anglo-Saxons laid the foundation of our nation and gave their name to our country, they gave us English common law, our system of government, local organisation, our boroughs and shires, our language. Many would say our very outlook and sense of humour can all be traced back to our Anglo-Saxon ancestors. Without the Anglo-Saxons there would be no England.

How is that too simplistic?

I was appalled to see pictures of the Islamic demonstration where police escorted those carrying placards urging extreme violence against those who insult Islam (Don't they always argue that Islam is a religion of peace?) Words such as annihilate, behead, massacre and slay were on these placards together with threats against Europe were all displayed without any action being taken by the Met. I seem to remember a peaceful demonstration by mainly white middle class people in London during which some police officers laid about them with riot clubs, there is obviously one law for white demonstrators and another for bloodthirsty followers of Islam. I have emailed the Home Office and The Commisar (deliberate) of the Met to complain about the lack of police action. I can imagine what would have happened if say the BNP had marched with placards even only 10% as inflammatory as those of our multicultural brethren.  I expect, if I receive any reply, to be fobbed off with some waffle about not making the situation worse by taking action at the time, more likely I will be arrested in the middle of the night for inciting hate crimes.
 Regards Mike

Just want to say what a brilliant website!!!!!  It's about time someone stood up to say we are proud to be ENGLISH and not British!Keep up the good work. - Best wishes Pat

Hi, I am only sixteen years old. but unlike many other teenagers I am much
more proud to be English than British, especially with the Scottish/Welsh/Irish always supporting our opponents when we play someone in sport, they're so jealous and pathetic. I thought it was only my family who supported English in this way but I am glad I have found a website which is more or less dedicated to ENGLAND, not just BRITAIN. Being originally from North London I know white English people always come last, although I feel it is better where I live now on the Isle of Wight.The problem is, the English always patronise the Celts and other foreigners, and forget about how beautiful our own country is. I have a St George flag flying in my window, and nobody can tell a 16-year-old to take her own country's flag down, although I wouldn't be surprised because political correctness in Britain is sinking so low lately. I say be proud of England, stand against the PC bridgade and celebrate our country on St George's Day! Melissa, Isle of Wight

Hello Everyone concerned with the site,Brilliant.........and what a day to discover it !  A very Happy St Georges Day to all concerned. Mike

Keep up the good work.....Happy St Georges Day to one and all

Although recently I was in Southampton, I cannot say for the rest of the
English mainland, but here on the Isle of Wight, where I live, there are
hundreds of St George flags hanging out of windows, on flag poles, and
sticking out of car windows, and nobody seems to be complaining, granted it
is predominantly white, but the amount of flags is like never before, it
actually feels like you are a part of ENGLAND. And on the radio and TV, I've
heard loads of people who celebrated St. George's Day and wanted it as a
national holiday. I think winning the Ashes and rugby World Cup helped, and
hopefully so will the football World Cup this summer. The other thing that I cannot understand, I am not racist at all and welcome a multi-RACIAL society in England, but why does the BBC always use a black or Asian family in the stories when complaining about something which is wrong with the country?

My name is angela, i live in scotland and upto twelve years ago i always called my self british, but after encountering racism by quite a few scots who made my life and that of my two daughters a misery.I now profess my self to be English and proud of it. I have got stickers of st george on my car plus i have a st george's flag cushion in the car. My husband said that my car would get smashed up but that has not happend. I will not let myself be intimadated any more.The reason i live here is because my husbands job is here and i cannot wait till he retires and that i can move back down to the best country in the world. I will carry on wearing my t shirts with st george on them, and i am going to get a brolly with the st george flag on it and use it with pride.

Hello. Nice website, but I'm disappointed that you don't carry a link to the BNP. I have to tell you I am a member: I am against all violence; I am a family man; a vegetarian, and I hope I am quite representative of the BNP's new membership. Please don't believe the comments in the press. Just remember Lord Tebbit's statement that he sees nothing extremist in the BNP's manifesto.Kind regards, Ray.

hey, great website but it needs more updates if possible, more english greats, more great quotes, more everything!! and although the site is very english it doesnt speak enough of englands role in great britain such greats youve missed are ...Sir Walter Raleigh, Isambard Kingdom Brunel, William Shakespeare etc etc people that have made a profound impact not just on our small island but on a global scale

Well done. Well written.Stay proud. This from a Welshman.

Just to let you know that the White dragon flag of England is flying again in Malmesbury ,Wiltshire!!Thank you for the write up on your web site too. Bill

To Whom It May Concern,Have just visited your site for the first time after being told about it by a mate.  What a top site it is, and makes me more proud to be an Englishman.  I don't see myself as a racist but I feel that in this day and age the British Government are failing us and stripping us of our dignity and rights for the sake of not offending others.  "B*ll**ks" I say to that.  Nice to see you making a stand for our proud and righteous history.  I will be back for more. Jason

hi, just a quick note to say that i received my white dragon flag today and i am absolutely delighted with both  flag and your service.  Thanks regards alan.

I saw a question in the Daily Mail regarding the White Dragon flag and decided to look it up on the web for more info, and found your excellent website !.Keep up the good work !!. Regards, Glyn. PS. Despite my Welsh name, I am English to the core.

Hi there,Just wanted to say thank you for running this site. It has cheered me up no end to read some of the quotes and the history, and God bless Billy Connelly for his honesty in what he said, it takes a big man to say that. Keep up the good work, your message is getting across to more and more people. Best regards Richard Hughes

Congratulations!I read this right through and wish more people would take the time and make the effort to de-programme themselves from the deliberate cultural decimation called education in this country and discover their ethnic English identity. I totally endorse the part at the end about the mistake in valuing ourselves as a culture only in terms of material consumerism, rather than making the basis of our judgement  the things that are of true, lasting value in our lives, our own abilities, our family ties, our kinship with our English brothers and sisters under the White Dragon flag. I was very moved by your reference to drawing on the strength of our ancestors. I wonder what they would have made of the so called ‘leaders’ we are forced to endure. I believe that unsuccessful war band leaders were ‘dismissed’ by their followers, often with a sharp blow from an axe, and that is what our bagpipe blowing buffoons deserve as well as the traitors who have the affrontery to claim to represent us. Your website brings great joy as well as an unfamiliar freedom of expression in what is becoming an oppressive, totalitarian regime here in our beleaguered country.
We must all continue to resist. We do make a difference collectively. We are a people who are never beaten when it matters. Harold and the huscarls look on from the heavenly mead hall, we cannot let them down. Keep up your important work on this excellent site - Waes Heil, Mark

Welcome back, but....There cannot be many of we English who have not lost family members in the past while they were fighting for England, even if it was long before we were born. The England that was bequeathed to us had to be fought for; the England that is so attractive to so many foreigners cost countless English lives over the centuries. And if those forefathers of ours could see England today, what would they think ? It is a rhetorical question to which we know the answer, and we should hang our heads in shame. What have we done to bring our England into the state it's in ? We are ruled by men who are not English - people like Blair, Brown and Prescott, and rank foreigners like Peter Hain. There are places like Leicester where the English are now a minority. In Nottingham, I'm told, blacks killing blacks in drug-dealing turf wars is virtually a daily occurrence. One third of prisoners in our jails are ethnic minorities. And, as we all know, there is much else. The English have abrogated their responsibilities to their forefathers. So what is to be done. The English need to regain power in their country. This is our nation and we should be the only ones who can say who stays and who goes. This land should have only one culture, and that is English culture, one language, which is English, and one law, which is English law. What is this talk of flags and symbols and folk music ? Are we to be like Red Indians in reservations ?
Stop faffing about with trivialities. We are losing our inheritance, we are losing our land. We English need to fight to regain what is rightfully ours and is being systematically stolen by invaders. Roger

WATE Comment - Hello Roger. Thanks for the e-mail. We believe that our people are only going to take a stand when they begin to see themselves as a single people. Everything that we do is about encouraging a greater communal identity within English people and showing them exactly what they have lost. I wouldn't call flags, symbols and folk music as trivialities. It is only because we have lost these things and a clear sense of who we are that we are in the mess that we are now. Whether it is too late for the English people remains to be seen.

Dear We are the English,I recently bought some of your t-shirts and would just like to say they're superb. Usually anything patriotic/nationalistic etc is too cheaply produced with a crap design but these are good quality, in decent colours, look modern and with a great understated message - spot on! Everyone I've spoken to thinks they're great. They could be from a high
street fashion retailer, but celebrating our heritage rather than the usual
pc rubbish (che Guevara etc.) Well done & keep up the good work. Waes Haeil!

Dear England,I would like to point out a couple of errors on your website.

1. In the second paragraph of 'about england' you talk about 'our island'. England is not an island. It is part of an island. The island is known as Great Britain and includes Scotland and Wales.

2. You say that you are not given the opportunity to celebrate English culture. Don't be such whingers. Who is stopping you ? Just do it without all the self-pity. Do you think the Scots got permission to celebrate whatever they celebrate ? It is a matter of temperament.

3. In any case the English celebrate St George's Day more than any other nation celebrates its patron saint's day. Typically the festivities start a day or so before April 23 and consist of celebrating the English sense of victimhood. This includes complaining that they are not allowed to celebrate their nationality - it is never absolutely clear who stops them but the implication is that other Brits are to blame. Pursuits on the day include polls asking if the English should celebrate St George's day. The English celebrate their patron saint's day by bemoaning the fact that they cannot celebrate it. It is not exactly a carnival atmosphere but hey if that is how the English want to celebrate that's their choice. To those who are not English, it does, however, appear a little sad.

4. Your suggestion that the English has a character trait which predisposes him to being a drunken thug is very sad and possibly the reason the English have such low self esteem and feel the need to seek permission to celebrate their national identity. Best wishes  LA

WATE Comment - Hello LA. Thanks for the comments. Sorry if the reply is a bit rushed.It doesn't say that England is an island. It says "Britain" stood alone.As for not being given the opportunity to celebrate our culture. My son's school has in the past sent his friends on visits to mosques, hindu temples and jewish synagogues and yet they do nothing for St George's Day. This is in stark contrast to the situation in Scotland where even in the political classes Scottishness is seen as something positive and to be celebrated. In multi-cultural England anything that is seen to encourage a greater sense of an English communal identity is something to be weary of, as it is seen as a threat to multi-culturalism. I don't know where you get the idea that the English have low self esteem. I certainly don't feel the need to go out and buy an opposition shirt every time Scotland play an international game. From what I can see it is obvious to all that it is the Scots who have low self esteem. What else could you say about people whose identity is actually based on celebrating not being English, rather than their own Scottishness. Why do we get so many Scots on our website? They celebrate what they are not rather than what they are. Stay in touch.

Dear Sir/Madam, Fantastic site, really informative. Have relayed it on to all my friends, English of course!  Yours sincerely Chris

English parliament!Dear Sir/Madam,       I have just completed my comments about the debate on whether we should have an English parliament inhabited by English MPs only (Daily Telegraph),     Before the Scots became devolved from the union the SNP had a referendum, my question is, why we the English were not offered the chance to vote against the break up of the United Kingdom?    I have nothing against the Scots or the Welsh, they have always treated me with respect while I have been in their countries, but I have something against our rulers in our parliament in Westminster. It is called hedging ones bets, without the support of labour politicians in both Wales and Scotland they would not now be our rulers in England.    I have also noted that our cabinet and our parliament have a large amount of politicians who are either Welsh or Scots, this is highly disproportionate as there are only 5 million inhabitants in Scotland, and only about 1 million Welsh, there are about 54 million inhabitants in England.     Another anomaly is that only Scots MPs are allowed to sit in the Scottish parliament.    Lets face it, we are no longer a union anymore!! I personally want to be governed by an English parliamen that is inhabited by English MPs only. If I am going to be governed by foreigners then I might as well move to Russia, USA, Italy or some other country.     So let us English have a referendum of our own, the ball is now in our court! - Spencer

England and its tragedy...you won't help because you are racists.The real tragedy is that England has not had a formidable leader since Alfred there have been leaders of the British state since...but England is in its position today, one of cultural void and identity crisis, due to not having had a decent leader...1000 years and no one decent has turned up. And now you insular narrow minded little racists, and you try to hide it as best you can beneath that pretentious veneer of respectability, will not help the cause of the English nation any further...so she's stays in the doldrums...

Hi there,Just wanted to say well done and keep up the good work. I've been
trying to find an English tattoo design for ages and was told to go for pre Roman celtic designs, as there wasn't really anything typically
English worth having. After searching for a couple of weeks and thanks
to your site, I now have some fantastic designs that instantly mean
something very special to me. Thanks. When they're done I'll send you
the pics. I also now have the best site on all things English bookmarked.  Thanks again Smudge.

English and bloody proud of it !!!

Just a small observation.    Your story re the White Dragon of England quotes the date as 450 AD  surely this should be AD 450 - Graham

Dear Sir/Madam, Firstly, I would like to say how encouraging it is to discover
www.wearetheenglish.com, devoted entirely to the support of England and the
English-it is distressing these days that we English seem to be afraid of
supporting ourselves for fear of offending others.  It is high time we
stopped apologising for our country and for our beliefs.  Our approach seems
always to be concerned with what non-English people will think if we do this
or that, but this bothers me, since we are English people in England, and if
people who do not originate in England don't like our ideas, principles,
laws etc. (of which we should generally be very proud), then I would suggest
that they do not reside in England.  Certainly, if I were to live in another
country, my approach would not be to change it if I did not like it, but to
move away, since it is not my place to change a country from which I do not
originate. My second point is that I have not yet seen anything on your website regarding the recent plans to build a 'mega-mosque' next to the London Olympic site .  I would very much appreciate it if you would consider
posting the following 2 articles from the Times newspaper on your website,
so that as many Englishmen and women as possible have a chance to consider for themselves what the plans mean to them. My take on it is that it would be an enormous shame for the world to look at a huge mosque whilst watching the 2012 London Olympics.  This is because England is not historically an Islamic country-and seeing a mosque next to the English Olympic site would suggest otherwise.  Muslims do not originate in England.  Therefore, I feel that they should have respected English history, and not suggested erecting a mosque next to the Olympic site. Yours faithfully Edward

I had recently answered a Scottish friend on the matter of DNA as a result of the programme you mentioned in your news letter.You may not agree woith me but I always fight back on any attemt to divide us or to deny us our identity.As for DNA, I expect it would be just as easy to get similar results from populations wherever you go, except in really isolated regions. I expect the same to apply to Scots people as it does to English and Welsh, for I doubt that the English army soldiers kept their equipment in their doublets throughout their occupations, anymore than the crusaders did, or the Romans did.
Not for nothing did we have Anglo indians or Burmese or Eurasians or whatever.In any event, to filter down, we are all supposed to have had only five birth mothers for all nations and races, so DNA mixing is to be expected though not as much as some would suggest. This idea of origin dilution in our blood isn't propagandised for 100% accuracy of lineage, but an attempt, particularly by the idealistic left to dilute loyalties and national identities, or for those with more mixed stock in their own lineage to be part of the whole, to be absorbed. and to make acceptance of multiculturalism and race easily done.  If it wasn't, it wouldn't be such an issue for them, There is method behind it.
It is basically disingenuous, for instead of emphasising the majority content as one would expect, the search is for the minority, so we can just as easily identify the majority content to prove national identity as we can seek the minority or fractions to undermine it. The bottom line is ones own image of oneself and where one belongs, or how one identifies oneself as truly belonging without reservations. Anything else is just historical referencing to our past and doesn't matter a jot. Im English, and shall remain so, with sufficient proof of lineage to satisfy myself beyond any reasonable doubt.


cometh the day.these idiots who continue to knock the english are only the latest in a long list of people who are trying to break the country up. whilst this is disgraceful in itself and extremely annoying to anyone who cares i am fast changing my opinion on the issue. i am coming round to the idea that if these people want to take our country away then let them because that is when the majority of people just might stand up and be counted.

“Since the turn of the millennium more than a million people have left our shores for foreign lands and this in itself is a shocking indictment of New Labour policies. What is going through Tony Blair’s mind >when he sees that 1000 of our own people leave every day because they believe that they have no future in the country that he has run for the last nine years? Does it really not register that something is drastically wrong? It may sound strong but he is a traitor and so are all the other politicians who stand by and watch this exodus while idling away the hours filling in their expense forms and voting >themselves gold plated pensions. Their policies have benefited foreigners and left our own people feeling isolated and abandoned. Of all the wrongs committed by this government this to me, is the greatest >betrayal of them all – TC”

HEART and FEELINGS verses THE IMAGE makers.

I feel the same way, but I have always thought and said that Tony Blair is a traitor to the Ethnic English people as was his predecessor Mrs Thatcher, because during her rein and the minors strikes I was given a seat on a restart course and at the same time Mrs Thatcher was given a seat in the house of lords (with a pension) you cant have any clearer evidence than that about what is going on in this country and what kind of people are running it. But again one has to put things in their right perspective, Tony Blair and most of the Scottish mp's have  NO heart for England anyway because they were born in Scotland so to them none of them will feel like they are traitors which is why they are so smug about everything, so Tony Blair's feelings wont be hurt any by what he has done to the ethnic English. His predecessor mrs Thatcher who is English was just a stupid conservative Bitch of woman who really was a traitor to herself and England and its workers because of her pure SELF interest. But she did get her feelings hurt by her actions which revealed itself when she lost her job, but of course being a conservative the money she got in compensation quickly made up for her show of  SELF centred tears (not for England). A lot of true English people have had their heart and feelings hurt before and since the minors strikes etc and some (stupidly but understandably) have been leaving the country the rest are people who don't really care about England anyway (like a lot of those coming in as well), those leaving are simply moving on looking for a warmer climate and/or better standard of living instead of staying here and making it happen here and doing what they can to support themselves and the Ethnic English, I have been to Australia on a visit and I know what I have seen and heard over their. A lot live better but they miss their homeland and it gets difficult when you get older because its a young persons country. When you talk about England your talking therefore about heart and feelings which is a sense of union with the land and the earth built on generations of memories, blood, sweat and tears and those who have heart and feelings like that and push such feelings to one side for whatever reason will regret it one way or another as time goes on and a lot of those leaving will feel the pull of the heart strings and want to come back but after a long period of years away when they do come back it will all have changed again, you only have so long to correct things. But again such thoughts and feelings don't exist with the big business and money investors because they are like tumbleweeds always picking themselves up and moving on when there is not enough sustenance for them, so its easy for them to just use or ignore feelings and words like England or even the word Britain for that matter, they are what is called the unacceptable face of capitalism. You can actually call this country what ever you like as in the fashion of the  times and situation to help keep costs down and profits up because capitalist know its a spiritual form of incentive to those working, they just don't want workers to get to worked up about it like a religious faith as in the past with the unions and miners and their solidarity because it means wage rises, when they see this happening and profits dropping they soon start to close things down because they believe and think money always rules and they are the ones with all the money and they intend to keep it that way regardless of anyone else's heart or feelings or whatever word you choose for the country. The last thing the rich want is for people to take a less favourable liking to money (like nationalisation) because it would destroy their high profit margins and fancy high living life styles, so they use symbolic images in their methods and control of people through the media encouraging people to be the same as they are. There are a lot of double/misguiding standards going on using IMAGES, because when did you last see in the media a person working on the land or sweeping the street or cleaning toilets saying and showing how much they care about England, you don't because they are all poorly paid and it don't look good on TV to show such people, or any well paid business person saying the same and accepting a drop in wages because the country cant afford it, you don't because it don't look good on TV. This is because their is a powerful group of capitalist in the world using and controling images to project a false sense of security in the art of SELF IMAGE for people and they do it by backing/aligning these images with money in a system where one always needs it and cant live without it because the majority of people don't work the land anymore so they cant keep themselves without the help of the system and its IMAGE MAKERS. – Derek

Dear sirs , I am proudly English and agree with every comment made regards
a English parliament . I do however have a solution to the problem of the
scottish rule in westminster, and all I require to carry out this solution is a
detailed map of the tunnels beneath the parliament building & a firm date of
when the house with all scots M P s will be in attendance, can you help ?
signed  - ... GUY FAWKES P.S  gunpowder will present no problem.

 I've been looking at your site with much interest.It's great that a site does exist to celebrate all things 'English'! One thing does confuse me however. It's this notion that present-day English people are the direct descendents of the Anglo-Saxons, which the site does seem to agree with. Surely we are a mongrel race descended of various ethnicities? I refer to your recent addition of the 'White Dragon Flag' and the T-Shirts which state 'Anglo-Saxon'. As you are probably well aware - The country of England did not exist until well into the 10th century under Athelstan. Under original Anglo-Saxon rule, the country was more or less divided amongst the various kingdoms. It wasn't until the arrival and mass immigration of the Danes that things began to change. After all the fighting and conquering, England as we know it was divided into Wessex and The Danelaw. At this time, a large amount of Danes had immigrated into the land and largely lived in the North East. The unification of both these kingdoms finally made up 'Angleland'. The migration of both cultures created England. The Danes weren't massacred and didn't emigrate, they stayed. Let's also not forget that current thinking takes the view that the Anglo-Saxons did not push the Celtic Britons so much out of present day England. A 1000 years of interbreeding between the Anglo-Saxons, Danes and Celts would make up the present day indiginous population of England, so it would seem a little unfair to award all the praise on the Anglo-Saxons. Just a thought. - Cheers Dave

I was recently shown your website by a friend of mine, Mark and I must say it was a breath of fresh air to see such a site dedicated to my homeland, something that I regret to have never been educated about .I live in Greenford, West London and have witnessed first hand the destruction of what was once a thriving town with a mainly English (white dare I say it) population, a community where people said hello as they passed in the street and you knew your neighbours. In 25 years it has become a marginalised fragmented ethnic melting pot of different cultures who all live very different lives, I am frustrated that my new neighbours don’t or neither have to speak in the English language and very effectively are building their own sub-communities within this country, the once great England. Many of the English families have left to the rural areas or left the UK alltogether. Even if I knew some of my ethnic neighbours I wouldnt be able to recognise them as they cover there faces with a burqa or hijab whatever its called, imagine me walking round in a balaclava !!! Of course to your normal do-gooder socialist I would immediately be accused of being a racist because of my views, as it is an easy attack on a white Englishman, but I, just like the ethnic groups am proud of who I am and where I came from so why an earth can I not speak openly about it without fear of being labelled and at least try to protect whats left of my ancestral roots ? It seems to me that we are being eradicated ,were not even allowed to call ourselves English on any official documents .This is all done to appease the new British imigrants and their families so as not to offend and give them a sense of belonging. It is not that I dislike different cultures or people ,infact I love travelling and exploring different ways of life ,I just want to see the country that I grew up in remain recognisable as England ,green fields ,historical towns ,quaint villages not Mosques ,Temples ,Burkhas ,Hijabs ,Arabic schools ,Halal butchers etc. It seems to me that Scotland and Wales are being given a chance of preservation at the sacrifice of England by this government and unless there are radical steps taken soon it will never be undone as the English will be effectively bred out, it is no secret that migrant families are rapidly multiplying in large numbers outbreeding the English families and nothing is or can be done to halt it. The once normal English family life is a thing of the past thanks to high taxes,the only way to survive is by living in high numbers(10-12) per house which is not really the way we English live I shudder to think what lays ahead for us that are left here, next will be Islamic law recognition in our courts and it will then spiral even further out of control,what was once the unimaginable is sadly a distinct possibility
On remembrance Sunday I march with the British Legion through Greenford up to the war memorial and as we walk past the 12th century Anglo Saxon church round the corner to the converted mosque I cant help think what those guys must be thinking, I bet they wonder if fighting to protect our great island was all worth it ,to be sold out so cheaply now by this bunch of lefty dogooder assholes. On a closing upbeat note I would like to say that many more like me are getting more patriotic and starting to stand up, for the last 4 years I have been going out on St Georges day with a group of friends who have been doing it for the last 10 years .This year we have a full coachload participating, and it gets stronger every year. Good luck with the growth of the site ,lets hope the thought police dont try to label wearetheenglish as being a racist site!! - Cheers Keith PS the first time I sent this from work and i think the server email blocker canned it?

A thought occurs, what would happen if WATE and other English patriotic organisations encouraged, with the aid of sympathetic newspapers, television programmes/channels, and weblogs, all people in England to take the day off on St. George's Day? With enough incentive (fun and frolics in the major parks of London during working hours, say, sponsored by Wells' Brewery and others) to do so, the businesses (which seems to be all this govt cares about, could take a major hit from mass absence from workplaces. Of course, if the Mainstream Media aren't receptive, there's still the internet to spread a message of peaceful subversion. Just a thought - John Smith.

At last, someone has said what the majority of the indigenous population of this country want to hear and believe. This Stalinist, power hungry, undemocratic, euro worshipping, traitorous excuse of a government has brain washed the youth of this country to believe that multi culturism is "right on" and cool. What utter crap!!!! Have a look at the prison population and look at the ratio of foriegners to anglo inmates. Are the english sacrificing children in churches, as the Police suspect that African immigrants are? No, of course they arent, because we understand our own laws and faith. Who runs the drugs cartels in nearly all the large towns and cities... Yardies and other assorted scum. Eastern Europeans are bringing their twisted forms of mafia type lawlessness from Bosnia and Kosovo. Thats the big league stuff. Don't forget that the taxes of the working population are subsidising the lifestyles of countless immigrants both legal and illegal, while our pensioners get by on a pittance, and our health service, paid for by generations of Britons, is about to implode because of the rise of diseases that we thought we had got rid off, but have now been reintroduced by immigrants who have not been screened properly through lack of cash and political will and a system that allows those that put nothing in to take everything out. I for one have had enough of Blairs Britain. All those generations who fought for our freedoms must be spinning in their graves and wonder if their sacrifice was worth it. Could Hitler have made a worse job than this government has. Thanks for the opportunity for a rant...hope the thought police don't get me!!

Firstly, i apologise but your right-up was forwarded to me some time ago but unfortunately i have on just logged onto my computer.Congratulations on a very thoughtful, well-constructed write-up. Its quite funny as quite literally all your points made i raised on a BB discussion forum at the time.  It was amazing to see on the forum how bullying, rascist comments made (by the so-called minorities) on the forum were allowed, however, if anyone dared to say anything realistic (i.e i mentioned the beating of the white boy by 3 car loads of asians) the posting was removed. Anyway, watching poor, young Jo's interview on GMTV was heartbreaking and infuriating.  But at the end of the day who can we blame?  US!  We need to start shouting louder.  We need to stop talking about our disgust in little huddled corners and start standing tall and together. I know it may sound dramatic to others but i stood outside my childrens school listening to a group of mothers who were showing fury at what was being made of the BB discussions.  I couldn't help myself.  I asked, 'oh good, a bit of sanity, are you going to ring up and complain?  Needless to say just a flood of comments followed that did everything but answer the question. I am proud to be a realist, not a rascist.  I am willing to stand up and be counted, i just wish more were. I have lived all my life in London, only recently relocating to Essex.  There is no such thing as an ethnic minority in London.  There is a minority, WHITE.  I lived quite happily alongside every nationality imaginable, but i came increasingly frustrated at the exclusion of my childrens history within their schools teaching.  My daughter knew everything about Allah but nothing about Jesus.  My children were never taught the Lords prayer, yet my daughter came home reciting an African poem.  My children were made to have days off school to celebrate
various ethnic holidays i.e Guru Nanak (for gods sake!)  The school didn't even have a Hindu child attending the school.  Yet, the school would not allow a nativity play. I actually have no serious problem with my children learning about other cultures.  I have no serious problems with them experiencing different cultures.  BUT i DO have a problem with them unable to learn about their own FIRST & FOREMOST! Anyway, as you can see i am as frustrated as a lot of people.  But we just need to encourage those willing to speak out to come forward.  They use the masses as protection, until we try and achieve that ourselves all hope is lost. I now live in Essex which is almost like being back in my old London....but.........its beginning to creep in here too. What shall we do? Well done again on the brilliantly written and well-balanced write-up.  Keep up the good work x - Best Wishes Michelle

dear Sir, i have been away this weekend, I so hoped on my return that there would be an email waiting for me from your goodself. I cannot emphasise your remarks enough, the whole issue has filled me with utter despair to the point of nearly exploding. The "white trash" was something that I have always remembered, I do watch BB and that particular night it actually scared me. What was scarier, it wasnt ever recognized as a racist bullying attack. This countrys quest for political correctness has over the years filled me with exasperation to the point at times of wanting to scream. I often think is it me ? reading my newspaper and screaming like a banshee at some of the headlines. Do people in this country not care any more, or are our views never reflected in the media circus. Thankyou so much for not disappointing me, I knew you wouldnt let me down and on opening my mailbox threw my arms in the air shouted "Thank God". - Regards Wendy.

just writing to tell you what a bloody good site your running. i was
plesantly suprised when i found it and delighted that i did, i think your
doing a fabtastic job. most people now adays are to fear to be patriotic for
fear of being acused as rasicst. keep up the crusade its important that the youth of today learn about out glorious history and learn about who they are.
well done on the site and keep it up – Rory

I have to say you have a 1st rate web site, having lived here in the USA for the past 12 years I am always looking for good English web sites and yours is a the top. I cant wait for the tattoo templates I have one picked out already.
Keep up the GREAT work - Mark. Englishman living in Florida

My family and I shall all be at home on Monday celebrating our Englishness. I believe 23rd April should be a Bank Holiday. Maybe it should replace May Day! We are now 'A Few,' ethnics in our own country but we will continue to be Proud of who and what we are. I find it very sad that many people down here where I live know very little about what being English means and those that do fear they may be classed as racist for purely flying the flag!
I think more needs to be done in the South West. I will endeavour to spread the word. -  WAES HAEL. Mick, East Devon.

Hi there, Just to let you know that the St George's cross polo shirt i purchased off of yourselves was perfect.. THANKS.. Your communication & concern when it hadn't arrived ontime was first class.... Our St George's Day theme golf day was a huge success & there was plenty of red & white to be seen on the course all day....I will definatley be recommending you to friends of mine in the future. Keep the good work up & hopefully April 23rd 2008 will be a public bank holiday for the ENGLISHMEN & ENGLISHWOMEN like it should be...

Hello Waes Hael (A dutch name?)Though you would like to know my order arrived this morning in the post thank you very much and is flying over my property less than 5 minutes after arrival. People have been asking me who's flag is that? Mine I said as I am  an Anglo/Saxon Reeve. Regards George Reeve

Hello Just a brief note that may interest you.I work for the NHS and recently was sent a form asking me to identify my ethnic origin.As with all such forms
English was not on the form as an ethnic group .So I duly wrote English on
the form and made my own box to tick. Now a few weeks later I have been invited to the launch of 'the black and ethnic staff network'.The invite states 'This letter is being distributed to all Trust staff who have identified themselves as black and/or minority ethnic; this means eveyone who has self-identified their ethnic origin as other than white British. So there you have it,I am now an ethnic minority in my own country! Yours Jason Manchester England

Good Afternoon,I am a South African and have always admired and loved the English people, their heritage, their determination, their passion etc. etc. I have had the pleasure to visit your amazing and beautiful land only once during 2005. I absolutely loved being on your soil. I loved visiting the centre of London, Buckingham Palace, the Windsor Castle, and many more places. I was also privileged to be there when the Chelsea Flower show was running and loved it. I adore the Thames, Tower Bridge and all those amazing old castles. Give me England any day and I will not think twice of going there..
 We were only in your mighty country for two weeks but  will never forget it! So much to see so little time. I have a son married to a British Citizen and am very happy that my son is honoured to live in your country. England is in my heart, my soul and I am passionate about it. Would love to go again to travel your countryside but who knows when that time will be. England, England, England, may you stand steadfast and glorified forever. A wonderful land is so hard to find. I can go on forever but so little time. I would like to enter your website to write letters supporting you the English!! How do I do that? Go England go, your land is blessed with abundance and beauty. An English supporter forever! Kind regards, Charles

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