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Cumberland Flag 5ft x 3ft
The Cumberland Flag was officially registered as the county’s flag on December 13th 2012, becoming the 26th British county flag.
East Anglia Flag 5ft x 3ft
The term east Anglia stems from the land of the East Angels - one of the founding tribes of the English nation. East Anglia’s flag was included......
England Car Flag
Size:17" x 11" approx. England car flag with St George Cross. Just clip on to top of your window, wind your window up and off you go. Easy....
England Flag 5ft x 3ft
100% polyester flag. Size: 5ft x 3ft. Cross of St George polyester England flag with "England" wording written through centre of flag.
St Edmund Coat of Arms Flag 5ft x 3ft
Flag depicting the coat of arms of St Edmund, the original Anglo-Saxon Patron Saint of England. 100% polyester flag 5ft x 3ft with eyelets
White Dragon Flag of the English 5ft x 3ft
The White Dragon is a symbol of our ancient roots and a strong statement of our unique English culture and identity. Polyester flag with eyelets...