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This section contains numerous items which, purely by chance, closely resemble the Scottish national football team...

A bit of a mixed bag, somewhat difficult to categorise, but entertaining none the less. You'll often find them lacking any kind of direction but, on occasion, can be quite humorous!

N.B. We're constantly adding new material to this section so make sure you pop back often to check for updates...

what's it all about?

The reason why we put this site together... [click here to continue]

who are yer?

No, not the football chant... The history of your ancestry... [click here to continue]

The Nine Noble Virtues and one interpretation of what they should mean

A Mongrel Race...

Our Anglo-Saxon ancestors - all things wyrd and wonderful?

A Yuletide Calendar

An alternative look at the English Christmas - how our heathen Anglo-Saxon ancestors celebrated the festival of Yule and how their year and calendar was based around the changing of the seasons... [click here to continue]

"st. george - the man, the legend, the day"

A look at the man and the legend that is St. George and how some of wate.com's subscribers celebrate the day... [click here to continue]

Progress for the English Community

The English Democrats Party magazine English Voice carried an article calling for members of the party to embrace an inclusive Englishness... [click here to continue]

"but what have the english ever done for us, eh?"

A light-hearted look at the life of an English bigot, for Anglophobes everywhere... [click here to continue]

English Tattoos

The English people have a long association with tattooing stretching back to the very beginnings of our nation... [click here to continue]

did you know?

Prescott (the cat) was rendered completely aghast after reading these... But less so than his right honourable namesake... [click here to continue]

english names

Their origins and meanings explained... [click here to continue]

A History of English Ale – A great tradition-and a living craft

red red wine

Apparently we (the English) are now spending more on red wine than beer... But does this make us any less English?... [click here to continue]

The Dream of the Rood...

Dreams, Nightmares, and the Great Upheaval

A Letter from America

What have the Yanks and the 4th July got to do with us? Get him off…burn the Yank I hear you say…. [click here to continue]

What England means to me


They build you up then knock you down.. [click here to continue]

3 lions on your shirt

The early history of the English royal arms is a confused one... 'DP' explores & explains the mystery... [click here to continue]

the english in america

Mark Summers - friend of WATE, honoury Englishman and token Yank explores the ties that bind, the bond of history, friendship and culture that began with “The English in America”... [click here to continue]

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