What's it all about?

"There is a need that each of us should understand where they came from, what they are and what will become of them"
Wulfstan (d956) - Archbishop of York

This website is here as a celebration of England and all things English. We feel that now, more than at any other time, English culture and the very idea of being English is under attack. Over the past 50 years we have had so much taken from us and it’s about time we started to grab some of it back.

During that time the English people have been subjected to a constant policy of deculturalisation.  Our people have become detached from, and ignorant of our past, our Anglo-Saxon heritage and the true culture of this, the land of our births. Our history should be something that inspires and invigorates our young people – something that they can draw strength from, but instead, due to political correctness we find our children actually discouraged from learning about their own heritage while, at the same time, every other culture you care to mention is promoted at our expense. We have gone nowhere and we live here in our homeland where we have always lived. That should count for something but instead we see our culture constantly undermined so as not to offend or even completely re-written simply for the convenience of others. We are constantly told about the contribution that has been made to our country by this group or that, but all this pales into insignificance when put beside what has been achieved by the English people themselves. 

Our so-called leaders would have us believe that we have no culture and nothing that is worthy of protection. Of all the people who live on this island it is only the English who have not been encouraged to look at themselves as a distinct community and to assert their own identity. If we have no communal identity then we have no communal needs and governments can continue to ignore us while at the same time bend over backwards for everyone else. They would have us believe that we are a cultureless people because those who have no communal identity are far easier to control. And so we have the great lie that they constantly repeat, that we have always had immigration, and everything that we have has been gracefully bestowed upon us by others and so nothing is really changing. How can we fear that our culture and identity are being undermined if we never really had any of these things in the first place? They believe that by repeating these lies enough times it will make them a reality and so the mantra is repeated over and over and over. To them the truth has no bearing on the matter - it is all about shaping perceptions. They need to enforce these ideas because the last thing that they want is for the English people to realise exactly what has been taken from them and start demanding it back.

Our culture and traditions are not simply pages in a history book that can be left on a shelf to gather dust. These are the very things that hold us together; they are the lifeblood of any community. When we have lost these things then we have lost everything. Any society without a strong communal identity will have far reaching social problems because without that feeling of togetherness we have no common purpose and no sense of affinity with those around us. Instead of taking pride in the community at large it is every man for himself. We only have to pick up a paper or take a look at the news to see what happens when that sense of community breaks down. What is happening at the moment is madness, and it is un-English madness at that. The vast majority of English people know instinctively that all that is happening can never be in our interests but the politicians simply ignore us because as ever, they think that they know better. We must never forget that we have as much right to say what we believe is right for our community and our families as everyone else whether or not those views may be deemed inconvenient to our political leaders. They seem to forget that it is their policies that should reflect our views and not the other way round. It should be for us to dictate to them and not them to us. This is England and we can never allow ourselves to be led by the nose into a totalitarian state where only one very narrow political point of view is acceptable and everyone else is cowed and intimidated into towing that line. This is not our way.

As a people we wear our patriotism lightly but this has not served us well. The views of the English community are never taken into consideration and our culture and heritage is routinely treated as subservient and inferior to everyone else’s. Our nation has a history, culture and tradition as rich and as unique as you can find, and our roots are buried deep in this land. Now more than ever we should be aware that we are a distinct people with a distinct identity and through that we have a common bond which means we all have obligations to each other.

This website does not pretend to be an academic study of what it is to be English – it is a starting point if you like, that will hopefully in the reader spark a wider interest into their own history and culture. We want you to read the articles on this site and hopefully leave feeling just a little bit more English and more aware that you are part of a wider English community with whom you have so much in common. This is OUR history and it is part of OUR communal story, that we as a people share. Hopefully you will see as we do that this is something to be protected and passed onto our children. The English people have in many ways completely lost their way. We need to instil a new sense of pride and confidence and a greater awareness of our own communal identity. We believe that as an ethnic group we will only survive in multi-cultural Britain if we can begin to think of ourselves as, and act as, a community. Our aim is to strengthen our communal bonds by giving us all a greater understanding of, and raising awareness of, our common kinship and cultural ties. 

The story of the English is a story of great men and women – inventers, scientist, Kings, warriors and heroes but read between the lines and we find a tale of millions of ordinary English people who have shed their blood and blistered their hands so that things would be better for those that came after them. These are the people who are so often forgotten about. This website is dedicated to them.

“The danger is not always violence and force; them we have withstood before and can again. The peril can also be indifference and humbug, which might squander the accumulated wealth of tradition and devalue our sacred symbolism to achieve some cheap compromise or some evanescent purpose”. - Enoch Powell

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