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We're having another good response to our St. George's Day plea and many of you are sending letters, emails & pictures depicting how you plan to celebrate the day. From everyone at, a very big thank you to all who participate.

In no particular order, here they are...

Do you know I wear a red rose to work every St George's Day, and you will be surprised how many people ask me why? I have even been asked if I was a labour party supporter, that begs the question, why do they use the red rose as their emblem?

Seeing as they are far from being patriotic as they can possibly be. We must educate these people before our day gets lost in the midst of time and our heritage gets losts forever . (sobering thought eh! )


Thank you for your message, and a happy St. George's Day to you, it makes my heart very glad that there is someone out there who cares.

I see Ken Livingstone went to Australia to escape from the flack he might get from the English wanting as much attention to St George's Day in England as he gave and funded with our money to St Patrick's Day in England! Coming home only on the eve of the celebrations at least to a little flack!

I have sent Union Jack pins to all my family with their cards, and a red rose to wear too. It's time the government were pressurised in this country of ours to give the English as many rights as foreigners have, including a special day for our Patron Saint.

Again many thanks.
Patricia Kelsey

Dear Patiricia Kelsey

I am 56 years old and I have lived in London all my life. I have yet to see any evidence of a tradition or culture of celebrating St George's Day as a public festival.

That is no doubt, in part, because there are so many celebrations of British and English culture in the course of the year: at Christmas, at New Year, our bank holidays, through the coming Golden Jubilee celebrations, numerous English food fairs, music and cultural events across London each year.

But London is highly diverse and many other cultures also contribute to London's social and economic life and it is important that these too are recognised.

That is why I have responded positively to requests by London communities to support a number of festivals that allow all Londoners to celebrate the diversity of our city's cultures, for example Chinese New Year, Diwali, the Notting Hill Carnival, St Patrick's Day and others.

In the case of St Patrick's Day more than 90 community groups and businesses co-operated with my office and GLA officers to deliver a wonderful day out not only for the 10 per cent of this city of Irish extraction but for all Londoners. I welcomed the support for the day given by Tony Blair, Iain Duncan Smith and Charles Kennedy.

Obviously, there are some who will perversely misinterpret recognition of London's minority communities and claim it is anti-English - the artificial hue and cry about St George following my support for St Patrick's Day is an example of this. But I do not agree and I am delighted with the vigour with which my manifesto pledges in this regard are being implemented.

I believe that these not only help promote the different cultures that go to make up our great city, but also attract tourism to London and promote economic development.

Yours sincerely

Ken Livingstone
Mayor of London

Thank you and a happy St Georges day to you all.

I live in London and I can see a growing rediscovery of our Englishness. People are now flying the St George flag instead of the Union Jack and describing themselves as English instead of British. The Liberals and government along with europe in trying to deny us our heritage and identity have actually done us a favour and awoken the nation.

Keep up the fight, for it is a good fight, a fight to preserve our identity, our history and our freedom and a fight to preserve our sovereignty.

All the best

England! Engerrrrrland! Barmy Army! Barmy Army!

St.George's Day should be made a Public Holiday and celebrated around the World! I am very proud of our country, what we achieve and what we stand for. Bring on the World Cup!

Keep up the great work!


Paul Garrett

Many thanks for the note, thought you'd perhaps like a little piece of literature that seems to sum up our GREAT nation...

'This royal throne of kings, this sceptered isle
This earth of majesty, this seat of mars,
This other Eden, demi-paradise
This fortress built by nature for herself
Against infection and hand of war.
This happy breed of men, this little world
This precious stone, set in a silver sea,
which serves it in the office of a wall,
or as a moat defensive to a house
Against the envy of less happier lands,
This blessed plot, this earth, this realm,

Also, you may well want to look at the following web address

God Save the Queen, God Bless the Earl of Chester


Ed Abrams

Well thanks for the St. George's day e mail. I actually celebrated it on sunday with my medieval sword fighting club here in the beautiful city of Perth in western Australia.

On the sunday which falls closest to April 23rd our club is invited to fight a series of battles outside the elizabethan pub. We have a display all day showing medieval history and swords, but what the crowd want to see is swords bashing on shields and the splendour of our ancient past in celebration. This time I took a big St. George Cross flag which I waved at the start of my fights. The ex patriot crowd loved it and it recieved the loudest cheer.

Even though I now live here, I still celebrate my heritage and my children, although Australian born, will also know their rich and colourful heritage.

All the best from west Australia

Hi there,

Members of the CEP dyed the water in the fountains below Nelson's Column in Trafalgar Square a nice shade of red to highlight the Mayor's refusal to have a St George's day event in London. This in contrast to his treatment of the Irish community on whom he spent £100,000 in celebration of St Patrick's day.

The other purpose of the exercise was to promote the aims of The Campaign for an English Parliament. The event was televised by ITV London and broadcast twice on our special day, it has since attracted wide interest by the media.


Len Welsh

This year there was only two of us who went out to celebrate this great day. We knew it was going to hard to find a pub that was celebrating the event but when we did the pubs were empty. So we decide to get on the train and venture up to The West End/City ( London ). It was the same everywhere. A few pubs had flags out but they again were empty, so we carried on walking ( getting the odd drink here or there ) and went into Covent Garden.

We were walking through and heard the noises of a band coming from a public house so we thought we would go and investigate. It was brilliant!!! This little pub had flags and banners all outside and inside and was packed out with all generations. There was an old gentleman with his war medals on show, there were ladies all kitted out in saint George's jumpers, there were middle aged men from Kent all suited and booted who had come up from the sticks to make a day of it. There was this band outside the pub playing music and everyone was enjoying themselves.

Inside the pub in was packed to the rafters. Everyone wearing there roses and everyone was enjoying the day. There was no trouble and then 2 police officers turn up to warn the landlord that they had got complaints because of the noise and had to keep it down otherwise they would close the pub down. No one could believe it. No one was causing any harm and this happened. It put a downer on such a brilliant day. How sad it is that we are not allowed to celebrate our own patron saints day but other nationalities are in OUR country.

Anthony Waller

We usually work in a "suit and tie" environment,....but!!!

On April 23rd me and another colleague both turned up for work in the new white England football shirts, I also displayed my 12ft x 8ft George in full view of our customers and the general public.

And that day we had umpteen appreciative remarks, we had tales of pride, we even had people thanking us,...and not one complaint. St George has been left out in the cold for far too long now... Welcome back sir.

PS... We also DEMANDED an English roast beef dinner at our local cafe and happily got one. (beats the usual rubbish of burgers and sorts on offer.)

Dear sir/madam

I simply wore a red rose as a symbol of my patriotism to my workplace, numbering some 150+ persons.
Not one other individual had made any effort whatsoever but I was continuously questioned as to why was I wearing a flower. Even when I pointed to my St. George cross cufflinks people still did not realise their importance.

Of the many people I encountered at work that day only two (2) already knew when I pointed out that it was indeed the 23rd of April - St. George's day. One of them was Welsh and the other remembered my efforts from the previous year!

I stopped in two previously unknown public houses on the journey home and was pleased to say that I was greeted by one Landlord with a "Happy St, Georges Day Sir" and there was a flag of St George draped behind the bar.

England Forever
S J Roberts





We celebrate every year by donning our red roses, hanging the flag out of the window and getting legless in the most 'interested' pub.

We honour Remembrance Sunday in the same fashion... Funnily enough, it always ends up in the pub.

There isn't enough being done by local councils to make sure that St Georges day is kept a special occasion. Shame.

Another thought, I notice because of the World Cup (and I loooove footy, don't get me wrong) there are many flags and wonderful St Georges things you can buy. Wonderful, but let's see just how many fly next St Georges Day...

Remember, the St Georges Cross is for life, not just for the World Cup.

Emma Skeith

On St. George's day the local newsagent in Warwick had a St. George's flag in the window...

However, someone of "overseas origin" took offence to this and phoned the local police (who normally have a 20 to 30 minute response time when called for a burglary). They arrived 5 minutes after the call was made and asked for it (the flag) to be taken down.

It was taken down in protest, but every other shop in central Warwick put one up instead. By the week's end the entire high street was covered in 'em.


Come on guys!

England does not need to boast - the world knows we are the best! Remember the words of Flanders & Swann's great "song of patriotic predjudice"...

"It's not that they're wicked or naturally bad
It's knowing they're foreign that makes them so mad.
The English, the English are best
I wouldn't give tuppence for all of the rest"

Simply wear a red rose for St. George's Day and watch them all seethe!

My St. Georges day, 2002...

I work in an office, so had to wear a shirt and tie, I wore a white shirt and a red tie, I don't think any one noticed. I hung the George cross in the back window of the car, so every one could see it on my 30 mile drive to work. Only about 10 people at work, all English, asked what it was there for.

In the evening, me and the missus and two mates went to the pub, all sporting England shirts / tops. We had a good drink and a good time celabrating St. Georges day, in the Wetherspoons Pub as it was the only one that had made an effort and flew the flag. We shall try and get a few more people out next year.



I went to work - had no choise - but I wore an England top and placed flags in my van and living room windows.

Also went out that night with a few mates and had a drink for St. George..

Young Megan celebrated St Georges day by recognising the fact it has nothing to do with Royalty, Parliament, and the bleedin' Henley Regatta!! It's everything to do with our courage, humour, and profound difference to the rest of the world. It's about celebrating a unique culture that is under serious threat...

...And all this from one so young :)

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